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4 Best HiHello Alternatives For Your Digital Business Card

Digital business cards have been making waves in the networking world for some time now.

Actually, the global digital business card market is currently estimated at $141 million, making digital business cards popular networking assets.

Naturally, the increase in popularity led to many digital business card providers, with HiHello being one.

It is a popular app for creating and sharing your own digital card, but it's not the only player in town.

Whether you are a digital business card novice or looking for more advanced features, we’ve got you covered.

We'll take a look at some of the best HiHello alternatives to meet your networking needs.

Let’s get started!

What is HiHello? 


HiHello is a digital business card app that offers an easy-to-use interface and allows you to create multiple cards for different purposes, such as networking events or job interviews.

Besides creating digital business cards, HiHello also provides features for teams and businesses.

HiHello works in a web browser but also has a mobile app.

HiHello: Features

1. Customizing Your Digital Business Card

Creating and customizing your digital business cards is one of HiHello’s key features.

You can choose from a variety of backgrounds divided into categories such as:

  • Featured,
  • Abstract,
  • City,
  • Iconic,
  • Indoor, and
  • nature.

Of course, you can also upload your image or add a live photo or video. 


In the Free plan, however, although you can choose backgrounds, you can’t choose different colors since there are only two options: purple for work and blue for personal cards.

Regarding the information you can include, besides basic contact info, you can incorporate social media accounts, a company logo, a Yelp page, PDFs, etc.

2. Digital Address Book

HiHello automatically stores your new contacts into your customizable smart address book. 

You can organize the contacts alphabetically, chronologically, or in a grid. In addition, you can also tag contacts. 

Furthermore, you can also sync your contacts by connecting Google, Hubspot, Exchange, Salesforce, etc.

However, what HiHello is currently missing is the option to merge and remove double contacts.

Note: If you exchange info with another HiHello user, you’ll become Live Contacts, meaning you’ll always have each other’s updated information.

3. Business Card Scanner

The scanner allows you to scan paper business cards to transcribe contact information.

You can also take a picture of the card and add it to your contacts.

4. Email Signature Generator

This interesting feature enables you to generate your email signature that links back to your card.

You can choose from a few templates:

  • QR code+Image
  • Image+Logo
  • Logo
  • Text
  • Square


5. Features for Teams and Businesses

HiHello offers various features for teams and businesses:

Corporate Branding - matching your brand’s color and customizing the QR code to include your logo.

Team Management - centralizing the team info in one place.

Virtual backgrounds for Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams - displaying your QR code on a virtual background.

CRM integrations with Zappier, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.

HiHello Sharing Options

Hi Hello offers multiple sharing options:

  • via a QR code, 
  • email, 
  • text, 
  • WhatsApp and social media, 
  • NFC tag, 
  • Apple Watch app, etc.

HiHello Pricing

HiHello has one Free and three Premium plans.


HiHello: Pros and Cons

HiHello: Pros

✅ Offers a wide range of features.

✅ Has a clean interface.

✅ Has multiple sharing options.

HiHello: Cons

❌ Customization options in the Free version are limited.

❌ No option to merge or delete double contacts.

❌ Not user-friendly regarding reorganizing info on the card.

Now, let’s move on to HiHello alternatives.

4 Best HiHello Alternatives

1. Tapni


Tapni is a digital business card provider also offering more creative digital card variants such as keychains, stickers, wristbands, and bundles.

All Tapni products have NFC chips and QR codes, making them compatible with all devices.

Furthermore, Tapni is web-based, but it also has a mobile app and integrations with Google Workspace, Meta pixel, Salesforce, Zapier, Pipedrive, etc.

Tapni: Features

1. Customizing Your Card

Unlike some competitors, Tapni offers a wide range of customization options.

Not only can you choose from a great variety of colors, but you can also change the color of your QR code.


You can edit and customize both the front and the back side and upload backgrounds or your image.

In addition, you can include your brand colors, logo, etc.

What’s more, you can add text and choose the font, size, alignment, position, etc.

The whole process is really straightforward and smooth.

Regardless of what card material you choose, they all have either a matte or glossy finish.

2. Instant Messaging

This practical feature enables you to automatically send a message to all the people that have contacted you or visited your profile.

3. Fully Customizable Contact List

Besides storing all your contacts, you can also add tags to your contacts, group them, and move and regroup them in bulk.

4. Scan Paper Business Cards

You can scan paper business cards and add info to your contact list. 

5. Pick a Direct Link

Call me biased, but I really love this feature. You can select a link, and when you tap your new contact’s phone, it is only that link that will open instead of the full profile.

This way, you can send your new contacts to the exact part of your profile you want them to see.

6. Follow-Up Feature

The follow-up feature lets you schedule follow-up reminders so you don’t miss the chance to actively expand your network. 

7. Features for Teams and Businesses

Tapni will equip your team or business with the following valuable features:

Analytics tools to help you measure ROI at events, reward top performers, see the number of visits, etc.

Create new cards for team members by synchronizing with your Azure, Google, or Slack Employee Directory. 

Automate Lead Generation and send your contacts directly to your CRM, or export them to a CSV file.

Virtual backgrounds for conference events - display your QR code on a virtual background so that all the attendees can instantly scan and get your info, keynotes, etc.

ProTip: Speaking of conference events, did you know you can use a QR code as a gamification tool? 

For example, the first person that scans it and provides some info from your profile gets a small reward. 

Tapni Sharing Options

Tapni’s versatility becomes apparent when you see different ways to share your contact info.

Besides tapping your card or scanning a QR code, with Tapni, you can:

  • Use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., and simply copy and paste the link to your app.
  • Send your card via text message or email.

Note: Did you know you can create email signatures with Tapni? 

You need to import your signature to your email provider and voilá! It will directly lead to your digital business profile.

  • Create a specific URL for your digital business card.

Tapni Pricing

Digital business cards’ prices range from €24.90 to €39.90 for a fully custom design.


Tapni: Pros and Cons

Tapni: Pros

✅ Has high customization options and choice of colors.

✅ Provides robust features for teams and businesses.

✅ Has multiple sharing options.

Tapni: Cons

❌ It doesn’t provide US storage at the moment.

Moving onto the next HiHello alternative.

2. Qwerty


Qwerty offers Lite, Pro, and Digital business cards that differ in the number of features they offer. 

All the cards have an integrated NFC chip and a QR code.

In addition, Qwerty comes with features for teams and businesses

Qwerty has a mobile app, and it also works in a web browser.

Qwerty: Features

1. Customizing Your Card

The level to which you can customize your card depends on which card you’re using. For example, Lite Cards aren’t customizable and come only in white color.

Just like with most digital business cards, you can include social media links, photos, videos, PDFs, etc.


In addition, you can create multiple profiles and switch between them.

A huge drawback, if you ask me, is that you can’t see customization options before checkout. 

Having to go through the whole registration and subscription process is a hassle if you only want to see what options there are.

2. Features for Teams and Businesses

When it comes to features for teams and businesses, Qwerty enables you to:

Manage and monitor your team’s cards

✨ Group cards by departments

✨ Add additional users to the dashboard

Import leads to your CRM

Edit cards from the centralized dashboard.

Qwerty Sharing Options

With Qwerty, you can share your info with a tap or a scan. Once you exchange the contact info, the new info from your contacts will go directly to your dashboard. 

Thus, you can download your list of contacts as an Excel file if you want to.

In addition, you can add a Qwerty Digital Card to your Apple Wallet and share it.  

Qwerty Pricing

Prices range from $29 to $49 depending on the type of card and if you order them in bulk.

For teams and businesses, the price starts at $441 per year for 10 cards.


Qwerty: Pros and Cons

Qwerty: Pros

✅ CRM integrations

✅ Has multiple sharing options.

✅ No app needed to share the info. 

Qwerty: Cons

❌ Lite Cards don’t have a customization option at all.

❌ No access to the customization process before checkout.

❌ Can get pricey.

We’re halfway through our list, so let’s check which digital solution is our number 3 HiHello alternative.

3. Haystack


Haystack is a digital business card provider with a special focus on retail, real estate, and green office industries. 

In general, Haystack is geared more toward businesses.

One of Haystack’s stronger suits is the great number of integrations they have: Hubspot, Mailchimp, Slack, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and hundreds more.

Haystack: Features

1. Customizing Your Card

When it comes to designing your card, you can choose from various backgrounds and highlight colors. In addition, you can also choose a day or night theme.


Furthermore, you can add your logo, photos, and links to your business pages, social media platforms, white papers, media spotlights, awards, etc.

2. Add Your Email Signature

This feature enables you to import your signature to your mail provider and link it to your digital business card.

3. Paper Business Card Scanner

You can scan a paper card or take a photo of it, and the details will go to your phone or your CRM.

4. Features for Teams and Businesses

Being tailored more to teams and businesses, Haystack offers handy features such as:

Integrations with hundreds of tools sending your contacts to your CRM.

✨ Employee permissions and integrations with your HR management platform.

Team management that automates all stages of the employee life cycle.

Analytics tools showing you how many times your card has been shared, viewed, saved, etc.

Haystack Sharing Options

Regarding sharing, you can share your digital business card via a QR code or a unique URL.

However, Haystack cards don’t have an NFC chip.

Haystack Pricing

Haystack has one Free and two Premium plans.


Haystack: Pros and Cons

Haystack: Pros

✅ Has a great number of integrations.

✅ Has an easy-to-use interface.

✅ No app needed to share the info. 

Haystack: Cons

❌ Doesn’t have many sharing options.

❌ Doesn’t have NFC cards.

❌ Has a lengthy registration process.

And last but not least on our list of the best HiHello alternatives is Tapt.

4. Tapt


Tapt is a digital business card provider and it can be a good choice if you are primarily interested in creating a digital business card, rather than using excessive business features.

It is only available for mobile devices.

Tapt: Features

1. Customizing Your Card

Tapt’s interface is really intuitive and it’s easy to find your way around.

You can choose from a great variety of colors and fonts.


You can customize both the front and the back side, and include information such as name, address, phone number, email address, company address, and a website URL.

2. Features for Teams and Businesses

Tapt doesn’t have a robust set of team and businesses features as some other HiHello alternatives, but it still provides features such as:

Bulk-mode editing so you can manage all the team info 

Branding feature helps you stay visually consistent on all profile pages

Analytics tools provide you insight into the number of views, contact exchange rates, etc.

Centralizing all the contacts your team receives. 

Tapt Sharing Options

You can share your Tapt card only via tapping. However, you can add your card to your Apple Wallet.

Tapt Pricing

Tapt prices range from $34.95 to $84.95 depending o the type of card.


Tapt: Pros and Cons

Tapt: Pros

✅ Has an easy-to-use interface.

✅ No app needed to share the info. 

✅ Has a wide range of color options.

Tapt: Cons

❌ Doesn’t have integrations.

❌ Doesn’t have more advanced features for teams and businesses.

❌ Doesn’t have multiple sharing options.

Final Thoughts

HiHello is undoubtedly a popular digital business card provider, but the above HiHello alternatives offer unique features and benefits to suit your business needs.

The features and the price will be determining factors.

Why Choose Tapni?

Simply put, Tapni managed to comprise the best features of other HiHello alternatives: the most versatile customization options and a robust set of features for teams and businesses.

And not to forget multiple sharing options.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Try Tapni today and take the first step towards building strong business connections.


1. What is The Best Way to Make a Digital Business Card?

First, think about your business persona and what elements to include because you want your business card to represent you and your business in the best light.

Afterward, choose a digital business card provider that offers versatile customization options and other features you can benefit from.

2. What Digital Business Cards are like Popl?

Popular Popl alternatives are V1CE, Tapni, Mobilo, and OVOU, just to name a few.

Keep Learning: Mobilo vs V1CE - Which Digital Business Card Is Better?

3. Why Switch to Digital Business Cards?

Besides being environmentally-friendly, digital business cards enable you to include much more information, share your contact info in multiple ways, get useful insight into your networking activities, etc.

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