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4 Dot Card Alternatives to Try in 2024

The digital networking space is changing by the minute, and it’s hard to keep up with all emerging digital solutions.

Although Dot remains a popular solution, it can never harm to see what other players on the market are and see if they might be a better fit.

And with so many solutions popping up, it can be challenging to make an informed decision.

That’s where we step in - to show you our top Dot card alternatives that may transform your networking game.

Let’s dive in!

Dot Card: Overview


Dot is a digital solution that provides various digital networking devices, such as:

As of recently, Dot has also introduced its Metal card that, unlike many metal cards, which are black, comes in 8 colors.

In addition, Dot also doesn’t require an app download because everything works through a web browser. 

Therefore, once you’ve bought your Dot product, you need to scan the QR code and set up your Digital Profile to share further.

Dot products work on Android and iOS devices.

Dot: Digital Products

Dot digital products fall into 3 main categories.

1. Digital Business Cards

They come in 8 colors, but quite often, there are two additional colors belonging to a limited edition.

Furthermore, each card contains the NFC chip and the QR code.


You can also create a custom card where you can choose a color from the color palette and upload your logo.

However, compared to some other competitors, customization options are fewer. For example, you can’t add your name, change the font, the text position, etc.

2. Dot Bands

Dot bands are made from silicone and also have NFC chips and an integrated QR code. Like all Dot products, they are also available in 8 colors.

3. Dot Buttons

Dot buttons come in 2 variants: Dot.classic and Dot.thin. Both products have NFC chips but no QR code.

The only difference, as their names suggest, is design.


Additional Options

Besides buying individual products, you can also combine them and get them in bundles.

Each bundle consists of 3 products: the card and two buttons.

Dot’s bundles differ from most competitors because they don’t come in fixed sets. 

Thus, the only fixed thing is a Dot card, and then you choose between Dot.thin or Dot.classic.

Furthermore, you can also mix and match colors.

The same is valid for Dot.duos, where instead of one, you get 2 cards and a button of your choice.

And finally, you have Team packs comprising 5 digital business cards.


How Does Dot Work?

Since Dot doesn’t have an app, when you purchase one of the products, you can scan its QR code to set up your digital profile.

Regarding customization, you can tweak and edit the profile more than the card or the products.

Thus, you can include:

  • Your bio and contact info
  • Images, profile pictures, banners
  • Various links: social, music, payment, etc.
  • Colors, themes, and icon styles.

Sharing Options

When it comes to sharing options, Dot is “thinner” compared to other alternatives.

You can only share Dot products by tapping or scanning.

Advanced Features

Dot doesn’t provide advanced features such as tracking and analytics or CRM integrations.

And although you can create cards for teams, Dot doesn’t offer team features and functionalities. 

Dot: Pricing

Dot’s products range from $20 to $75.

Dot: Pros & Cons

Dot: Pros

✅ Doesn’t require an app.

✅ Has a variety of digital products and mix-and-match possibilities.

✅ Is easy to set up.

Dot: Cons

⛔ Doesn’t have more advanced features.

⛔ Has only 2 sharing options.

⛔ Has limited card customization options.

Overall, Dot has lots to offer if you don’t need more robust features and more advanced analytics but a simple networking tool to exchange contact info easily.

And now, let’s check 4 Dot card alternatives that might better fit your needs.

 4 Dot Card Alternatives to Try Today

1. Tapni


Tapni is an all-in-one digital solution offering powerful networking features as well as customization options.

Furthermore, Tapni offers a variety of digital products:

  • Digital business cards
  • Stickers
  • Keychains
  • Wristbands
  • Standee
  • Tapni Ultimate Duo - A set of a digital business card and a sticker.

Besides digital products, Tapni also has feature-rich options for teams and businesses, varying from team management to lead generation.

In addition, Tapni integrates with major platforms like Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc.


Key Features

Digital Business Cards - Come in 3 variants: Smart, Bamboo, and Metal. Furthermore, Tapni has the greatest color and customization options compared to major players, enabling you to customize text, font, QR codes, etc.QR Code Generation Toolkit - Generates customizable and dynamic QR codes with built-in analytics track scan frequencies, identify peak scan times, etc.


Highly customizable digital profile - Allows you to include standard info, upload images, etc., but also to incorporate various link types:

  • Direct links - Direct your audience to the social media channel of your choice
  • Custom links -  Send your audience to a profile you wish them to see. 
  • Link-in-bio - Collect all your links in one place.
  • Customizable links - Incorporate video links, social media links, website links, etc.

Supports Various CRM Integrations - Storing contact information within the Tapni teams app helps you and your team easily sync the data with your CRM such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, or any other using Zapier integration.

Features for Teams and Businesses - Automated lead generation, automated onboarding, lead nurturing, follow-up reminders, etc.

AI Business Card scanner - Scans traditional paper cards and converts them into a digital form.

Multiple sharing options - Send and exchange your info by tapping and scanning via text or email as an email signature, etc.

Analytics tools - Provide tracking analytics, measure ROI at events, show top performers, etc.

Overall, Tapni is a powerful solution that can be a good fit if you need robust lead generation and team features but don’t want to compromise on customization options and design.


Tapni’s products range from $19.90 to $59.90.


Tapni: Pros & Cons

Tapni: Pros

✅ Has powerful features for teams and businesses.

✅ Has a great number of customization options.

✅ Has a multitude of sharing options.

Tapni: Cons

⛔ Has no US storage at the moment.

2. QR Planet


QR Planet provides QR code solutions to enhance your marketing activities:

  • QR Code Business Cards,
  • Social Media QR Code
  • QR Code Coupon
  • QR Menu
  • QR Forms, etc.

Regarding QR Code business cards, you don’t create an actual card but create a QR code for your digital profile that you can print on a paper card.

However, if you want to create a QR code without a corresponding landing page, it can only be static, meaning you can’t change it after creating it.

Key Features

QR Code generator - It allows you to create various types of codes and include multiple details:

  • Links,
  • Text,
  • PDFs,
  • Logos,
  • Colors, Frames and Design Templates, and
  • Vcard.

Nonetheless, you won’t be able to change the contact info in Vcards unless you create a landing page to act as your digital profile.


Digital Profile or a Landing Page - It enables you to create your digital profile you can edit and update by adding contact info, images, links, CTA buttons, branding elements, etc.

Multiple sharing options - You can share your contact via a QR Code, e-mail signature, social networks, or email your vCard.

Batch Contact Import - You can create mobile business cards or vCard QR Codes directly from an Excel file.

QR Code Analytics - Provides tracking statistics, user and device analytics, such as number of scans, average daily scan rate, social media tracking, etc.

Overall, QR Code Business Cards can be a good option if you don’t want a physical digital business card but are ok with a digital profile instead.


QR Planet has 1 Free and 3 Premium Plans with a 30-day Free Trial. 


QR Planet: Pros & Cons

QR Planet: Pros

✅ Offers various types of QR codes.

✅ Has a variety of advanced features.

✅ Has a high security level by being GDPR compliant and offering data encryption, password protection, domain masking, and two-factor authentication.

QR Planet: Cons

⛔ Isn’t super user-friendly and so easy to navigate.

⛔ Doesn’t provide an option to create a physical digital business card.

⛔ It doesn’t automatically come with the NFC chip.

3. TapTok


TapTok provides multiple digital solutions to boost your networking:

  • Physical products
  • QR Code generators
  • Virtual cards
  • Organization management
  • Mini Pages, etc.

When it comes to their business cards, they come in 3 variants: Essentials, Plastic, and Metal cards.

Interestingly, you can’t choose the card type because it depends on the pricing plan. Therefore, the number of cards you can get ranges from 1-3.

Regarding integrations, TapTok integrates with many platforms and CRM solutions, such as Zapier, Zoho, Salesforce, Google Sheets, etc.

Key Features

Electronic cards - Come with NFC chips but don’t have more advanced customizing options.

Virtual cards - Enable you to create a digital profile and incorporate standard info such as bio, links, images, contact info, etc.

QR code generator - Enables you to choose the theme and destination of the QR code and get a live preview.

Lock / Deactivate / Reset - Allows you to perform one of the actions on electronic cards.

My Audience - Allows you to collect, create, and manage your contacts from a single while providing basic analytics.

On the whole, TapTok may be a good option if you don’t require more advanced customization options or features.


TapTok offers 3 Premium Plans.


TapTok: Pros & Cons

TapTok: Pros

✅ Offers team management and organization features.

✅ Doesn’t require an app.

TapTok: Cons

⛔ Has only 2 sharing options.

⛔ Has quite basic customization options for virtual cards in the Professional plan.

⛔ Doesn’t have advanced customization options for electronic cards.

4. Popl


Popl is a popular digital solution combining digital business card creation with robust features for teams and businesses.

Besides digital business cards, Popl also offers a variety of other digital products:

  • Apple Watch bands
  • Rope bands
  • Popl Display
  • Badges and stickers
  • Key chains, etc.

Furthermore, like Dot, Popl allows you to create bundles and 3-, 5-, and 25-card packs.

However, unlike Dot, you can’t mix and match - you have to use the predefined bundles.

Regarding integrations, Popl integrates with the major CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, but also with Zoho, Azure, Slack, etc.

Key Features

Digital business cards - Come in 3 variants but with very limiting color options.

Digital Profile - Allows you to add info like contact info, various links, logos and images, virtual background, etc.

Features for teams and businesses - lead management features, business card scanner, message automation, contact export, etc.

Analytics tools - Measure ROI and key KPIs, identify top performers, etc.

Multiple sharing options - A great number of sharing options via tapping, scanning, email signature, NameDrop, Apple and Google Wallet, etc.

On balance, Popl is a robust solution that can be a good choice if you need more advanced team and business features than the actual design of the card.


Popl has 1 Free and 2 Premium Plans for individuals, and 3 Premium Plans for Teams.


Popl: Pros & Cons

Popl: Pros

✅ Offers robust team and business features.

✅ Has a wide range of digital products.

✅ Has a great variety of sharing options.

Popl: Cons

⛔ Has limited color customization options.

⛔ The app crashes sometimes.

⛔ The app legs from time to time.

Which Dot Card Alternative is The Best For You?

The best way to summarize everything we said is to see how each Dot alternative stacks up against each other.


Overall, the right or the best choice will depend on your budget and business or individual needs.

However, one glance at our chart can easily identify the solution that seems to be the most all-encompassing: Tapni.

Why Should You Pick Tapni?

Tapni is a robust digital solution comprising highly customizable digital business card options, powerful lead generation and business features.

If you go for Tapni, you can:

🎯 Create fully customizable digital business cards.

🎯 Automate leads and manage your teams.

🎯 Share contact details in multiple ways.

🎯 Get valuable insights from analytics and tracking tools.

🎯 and so much more.

Download the Tapni app today and discover better ways to connect and generate leads.

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