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4 Best NFC Business Cards on the Market in 2024

Altough they are still the main networking staple, traditional business cards might not cut it anymore. 

With a staggering 8 billion cards that get tossed every week, the question is how to turne them into “keepers”. 

The answer is: NFC business cards - innovative networking tools with NFC technology which allows you to network and exchange contact information in seconds.

But which one to choose in the sea of plenty?

Look no further, as we've checked the market for the best NFC business cards that will leave a lasting impression on your new contacts.

Let’s dive in!

What are NFC Business Cards?

NFC business cards use near-field communication technology to interact with devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

Furthermore, NFC business cards can store data such as your contact information, website, or social media profile. 

Thus, you can use them to share this information quickly by tapping the card against an NFC-enabled device

Overall, they are a convenient way to exchange information and can be a great marketing tool for businesses or individuals looking to stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, their rise in popularity comes as no surprise, meaning the competition between the providers is stiff. 

So let’s which players are currently the biggest names on the market.

4 Best NFC Business Cards on the Market to Consider

1. Tapni


Tapni is a NFC digital business card solution that helps you easily share your information using customizable cards, keychains, stickers, and wristbands.

In addition, Tapni also offers analytics and tracking tools that are useful for teams and businesses.

Tapni: Card Types

Tapni offers:

Although Tapni doesn’t offer metal cards, it offers a variety of colors that is much bigger than with its competitors.

PVC Cards

PVC cards can have a matte or glossy finish and can come in a wide range of colors. 


Bamboo Cards

Altghough all Tapni’s card are eco-friendly, Bamboo cards are a good choice if you want to have that natural vibe to your card.

Therefore, bamboo cards come in two colors: Light (Natural) and Dark (Walnut).


As a nice extra touch, Tapni plants a tree for every purchased product.🌳

Regardless of the card type, they all come with an NFC chip and a QR code.

Card Customization

Not only does Tapni offer a range of colors, but it also provides high customization options.

Furthermore, you can add images, upload backgrounds, add text, etc.


When it comes to adding text, you can change fonts, sizes, positioning, alignment, colors, etc.

Tapni also enables you to change the color of the QR code, which isn’t something that many providers do.

And speaking of the QR code, Tapni cards have it at the front side of the card. Why does it matter? 

Because that way your new contacts also get to see the design of your business card, which is the whole purpose.

Furthermore, you can also edit and customize the back side of the card.

Features for Teams

Tapni also provides robust features for teams and businesses to help you manage teams and automate workflow:

Create new cards for team members by synchronizing with your Azure, Google, or Slack Employee Directory.

Automate lead generation by importing contacts directly to your CRM.

Export your connections to CSV.

Trace networking activities thanks to our actionable analytics tools that measure the performance of your team and ROI at events, etc.

Overall, Tapni is an intuitive app, with an easy set up process and multiple sharing options.

Sharing Options

This is where Tapni truly shines. It has three main ways of sharing info:

  • Single tap or swipe on the smartphone,  
  • Scan QR code on your digital business card and
  • Scan QR code within the app.

However, besides these three ways, you can also send your digital card by

🔥 using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., and simply copying and pasting the  link to your app

🔥 sending your card via text message or email, and

🔥 creating a specific URL for your digital business card.

Tapni Pricing

Digital business cards range from 24.90€ to 39.90€ for a fully custom design.


Tapni: Pros & Cons

Tapni Pros

✅ It has high customization options and choice of colors.

✅ It has robust features for teams and businesses.

✅ It has multiple sharing options.

Tapni Cons

⛔ It doesn’t provide US storage at the moment.

To help you make the best decision in choosing the right provider, we’ve prepared a scoreboard for each and compared them in terms of features, UX/UI and price.

Tapni Scoreboard


2. Qwerty


Qwerty helps you create digital business cards, as well as providing you with tools for managing and monitoring teams.

When it comes to digital business cards, Qwerty offers three options:

  1. Lite Cards
  2. Pro Cards
  3. Digital Cards

All options come with integrated NFC technology and a QR code, but they differ in the features and customization possibilities. 

Qwerty: Card Types

Lite Cards

Lite cards represent Qwerty’s basic model that enables you to store and share your contact info.

Pro Cards

Besides contact info, with Pro Cards you can share social media handles, websites, images, videos, files up to 10MB, etc. In addition, digital cards have Apple Wallet support.

Digital cards

Digital cards, as expected, cover all Pro Cards’ features but there is no physical card. 

Of course, there is an option to print it, or you can store it on your device and share it via a QR code and unique URL. 

Card Customization

Customization varies depending on the type of card you choose. Lite Cards can’t be customizable, whereas Pro ones can. Furthermore, Lite Cards only come in white color. 


On a positive note, you can customize both the front and the back side of the card.

What I personally didn’t like is that you don’t have access to the customization options until you go through the whole registration and subscription process.

In other words, the design process starts after checkout.

Now let’s check Qwerty regarding features for Teams.

Features for Teams

Qwerty’s team features enable you to manage and monitor your team’s cards, and edit them all from one place.

Moreover, you can also:

✨ Group cards by departments

✨ Add additional users to your team dashboard

✨ Import all leads into your CRM, etc.

Qwerty Pricing

Prices vary from $29 to $49 depending on the type of card and whether you order them in bulk.

For teams, the price starts at $441 per year for 10 cards.


What better way to sum up the story of Qwerty than to list its main pros and cons?

Qwerty: Pros & Cons

Qwerty Pros

✅ It has a lead generation system.

✅ It doesn’t require an app to share info.

✅ It has a multiple sharing options.

Qwerty Cons

⛔ It can get too expensive.

⛔ Design process starts only after checkout.

⛔ No customization options at all for Lite Cards.

And last but not least is to see how Qwerty stands in our scoreboard.

Qwerty Scoreboard


Moving on to the next NFC business card.

3. V1CE


V1CE doesn’t only create NFC business cards, but a variety of digital products such as phone cases, RFID wallets, and accessory packs. 

Furthermore, you can get key rings, wristbands, cardholders, or lanyards depending on the pack.

But since our topic is the best NFC business cards, let’s check what options V1CE provides.

V1CE: Card Types

V1CE has three types of card at your disposal: 

  • Metal
  • Bamboo
  • Plastic cards.

Metal Cards

Metal cards are one of the most sought types of business cards compared to other V1CE’s products.

They come in six color options: black, blue, green, white, silver and gold.

If you’re into luxurious cards, the metal gold one has an NFC chip embedded in a thick 24K gold sheeting. 

We should mention that all metal cards have a PVC backing so that the NFC signal can be transmitted.

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Bamboo Cards

These eco-friendly cards come in the following variants: black, neutral, walnut, sapele and cherry.


PVC Cards

PVC cards come in 7 colors: black, blue, white, silver, gold, red, and purple.

Card Customization

V1CE offers less color options, but the reason may lay in the fact that V1CE caters for a more sophisticated and elegant look, where basic colors will do.

All three types of cards also have a QR code at the back of the card. 

On itself, a QR code is a great option for users with devices that aren’t NFC compatible, but having a QR code at the back is a pity since your prospect can’t actually see the design of your card.

On the other hand,  V1CE is one of the rare NFC business cards providers that doesn’t include its own branding on the card, which is a nice touch.

And same as with Qwerty, the design process starts after checkout.

When it comes to the info you can include on your NFC card, you can incorporate social media links, website links, photo links, etc.

Features for Teams

V1CE has a store multiple profile feature, which is practical if you run multiple businesses, but unfortunately, V1CE doesn’t provide tracking or analytics tools.

Overall, V1CE can be a good choice if you’re looking for a “plain” business card and have no need for team features.

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V1CE Pricing

V1CE card prices range from $50 to $370, and the accessory packs range from $38 to $56.


V1CE: Pros & Cons

V1CE Pros

✅ It doesn’t incorporate its branding on the cards.

✅ It has a store multiple profile feature

✅ It doesn’t require an app.

V1CE Cons

⛔ It can get too expensive.

⛔ It offers less colors.

⛔ It has a QR at the back of the card.

⛔ Design process starts only after checkout.

⛔ It doesn’t provide features for teams such as tracking or analytics tools.

And the score in our scoreboard? Let’s check it out!

V1CE Scoreboard


And our last pick regarding the best NFC business cards is Popl.

4. Popl


Popl covers two important areas: creating digital products and providing tracking and analytics tools for teams and businesses.

As far as digital products are concerned, you can create digital business cards, badges, stickers, wristbands, etc.

Popl: Type of Cards

Popl offers three types of cards:

  • PVC cards
  • Metal cards
  • 24k gold carat cards.

In general, the color choice is rather limiting, so for PVC cards you can only choose from black, white and prysm colors. In addition, metal cards come only in black color.


Card Customization

The limiting choice of colors definitely affects to which extent you can customize cards, but you can choose whether you’d like to have Popl’s logo at the back of the card, or not.

Furthermore, if you want to customize metal cards, your design must be single-color with a transparent background.

The customization process is intuitive, but not as smooth as with some other competitors. It was legging from time to time.

But overall, there weren’t any major problems.


You can upload images from your device or Facebook and Instagram, PDFs, EPS, etc. 

When it comes to text edits, you can change colors, insert plain text or text art, edit fonts, alignments, sizes, etc. 

Features for Teams

Popl offers robust features for teams and businesses to help you manage your team, but also track and measure performance.

Let’s check the highlights

Leads Capturing - You can capture leads from your profile, group and manage them.

Follow-up feature - Popl automatically sends your info to leads via email and text message.

Sending lead to your CRM - You can send leads directly to your CRM.

Team management - You can create, reassign, or deactivate Popl devices and QR codes as employees join or leave.

Analytics tools - You can measure ROI at events, etc.

Furthermore, Popl has more than 5000+ integrations.

In a nutshell, Popl could be a good choice if you don’t care that much about impressive and versatile card designs, but are more focused on team and business features.

Popl Pricing

Popl has three Premium and one Free plan.


Finally, let’s check Popl’s pros and cons.

Popl: Pros & Cons

Popl Pros

✅ It has robust features for teams and businesses.

✅ It offers a wide selection of digital products.

✅ It isn’t pricey.

Popl Cons

⛔ It has limited color options.

⛔ It can crash at times.

⛔ Its app has loading issues from time to time.

Popl Scoreboard


Now that we’ve covered 4 best NFC business cards, perhaps the best way to wrap up the story is to see how they stand against each other in our comparison table.

Comparison Table


With all cards ranking quite high, picking the right one might seem like a difficult choice.

Hopefully, our detailed comparison will help you weigh all pros and cons to make a decision that will best suit your needs and budget.

Final Thoughts

The essential things when choosing an NFC business card is customization options and features for teams and businesses ( unless you are a solopreneur).

All these NFC business cards we’ve covered offer robust features in one sector only, but not in all of those.

However, out of all competitors, Tapni offers the most versatile customization options together with powerful features for teams and businesses.

Do you want to have a go?

Jump on Tapni’s bandwagon and level up your networking with a dazzling NFC business card.


1. Which are Better: Traditional or NFC cards?

Overall, NFC cards are better because they are more affordable in the long run, you can include more info on the card and they are more eco-friendly. For a more detailed comparison, jump to our blog Plastic Business Cards vs. Paper Business Cards - Which To Use?

2. What are NFC Business Cards?

NFC business cards use so-called near-field communication technology to interact with devices such as smartphones and tablets. This way, you can transfer and exchange your information easily and quickly. 

3. How Can I Choose the Best NFC Card?

In order to choose the best NFC card, you should pay attention to: the cost, features it provides, design and customization options and security. 

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