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GITEX 2023: Review by Startup Exhibitor - Tapni®

GITEX 2023: Review by Startup Exhibitor

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to participate in GITEX: The World's Largest Startup Show, held for the 43rd time, in the vibrant city of Dubai, 🇦🇪 UAE.

We wanted to share our thrilling journey with you, so buckle up and get ready to dive into our unforgettable experience!

Special thanks goes to EBRD Team led by Dejan Tonic, who supported our exhibition as part of the Star Venture Startup Programme.

But before we start, we have to say a few words about our stay and impression of the city, since it was our first time in Dubai. 

We've been hearing so many amazing things about this city and wow, it has truly blown us away 🤯

Dubai, with its clean, safe, and modern vibe, is incredibly friendly and full of opportunities. It's an absolute haven for entrepreneurs, startups, and anyone with a business-oriented mind.

In a nutshell, if you haven't experienced Dubai yet, you absolutely MUST!

The Exhibition ⚡️

At GITEX, we showcased Tapni, our innovative solution that revolutionizes the way professionals exchange contact information and network at events and conferences.

Tapni offers smart business cards and a powerful app, enabling users to easily share and collect contact information.

Our CEO, Mihajlo Nikodijevic, and Head of Operations, Filip Curic, represented Tapni and demonstrated how our solution enhances lead generation during conferences.

Location 📍

GITEX (derived from Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) was split in two locations (Unfortunately very far from each other 🥹)

  1. GITEX Global at DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre) Which hosted the biggest tech names like Dell Technologies, Google, Huawei, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Deloitte.

  2. Expand North Star - at the stunning new Dubai Harbour venue Which was a powerhouse start-up place with over 1,800 exhibitors. (Where Tapni exhibited on the booth F15 at the Hall 6)

Some Numbers 📊

Attendees: 147,133

Exhibitors: 4,473

Industries: #IT #Tech #Digital

Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre


Positive Impressions 🌟

The moment we stepped into GITEX, we were captivated by the professional organization.

The event buzzed with energy, offering an ideal platform for networking and knowledge exchange.

Here are some highlights from our incredible journey:

  • Number of attendees and exhibitors: The conference was incredibly crowded, with a significant number of attendees and exhibitors. It was a testament to the event's reach and popularity, as almost every hall and area of the event was bustling with activity.
  • Big players are around: One of the highlights of the conference was the opportunity to connect with and present our solution to influential decision-makers from prominent companies. We had the privilege of showcasing our solution in front of many big and global players in the industry.
  • Investors Match-making: Another exciting aspect of the event was the chance to participate in one-on-one meetings with investors. We had the opportunity to connect with three investors and discuss potential partnerships and investment opportunities.

The conference was a tremendous success, with a high level of attendance and engagement, valuable connections with industry leaders, and promising interactions with potential investors.

We are thrilled with the outcome of our participation and look forward to leveraging these opportunities for future growth and success.

Areas for Improvement 📈

While our experience at DMEXCO was overwhelmingly positive, we believe in continuous growth and improvement. Here are some areas we identified for enhancement:

  • Startup area (Venue 2) was too far from the main area (Venue 1): Attendees had to travel 30-40 minutes from one venue to another, which was inconvenient. It would be beneficial if the organizers could design a better layout that reduces the distance between the two venues.
  • Better Mobile App: Unfortunately, none of the attendees were using the app to scan the Badge QR codes and collect leads. Improving the mobile app's functionality and promoting its benefits could encourage more people to utilize it for seamless lead generation.
  • Less Emails from Organisers: Many attendees expressed that their inboxes were overwhelmed with emails from the system and organizers. To avoid information overload, it would be helpful if the organizers could optimize their email communication strategy and ensure that the frequency and relevance of the emails are balanced.
  • Food, drinks, snacks: The availability and variety of refreshments at the exhibition were limited, which made the experience tiring for attendees. Compared to the treatment experienced in Europe, where excellent refreshment options are provided, it would be beneficial if the organizers could improve the food and beverage offerings to enhance the overall experience. A great example of exceptional catering can be seen at CloudFest, where attendees are well taken care of with a wide selection of refreshments.

Preparing for GITEX: 3 Takeaways for your success 🥇

We learned a lot during our preparation for GITEX, and we want to share some valuable insights with fellow entrepreneurs and startups who plan to attend similar conferences:

  1. Create a Separated Email Inbox: To ensure that you do not get overwhelmed from all the emails from organizers and other exhibitors, it is recommended to create another inbox or email alias specifically for registration and communication related to the conference. This way, you can easily manage and prioritize your conference-related emails without them getting mixed up with your regular inbox. You can create a new email address or use an email alias service to keep your conference-related correspondence organized and easily accessible. Register with your new email here.
  2. Generate Buzz: To maximize the impact of your exhibition and attract attention from potential attendees and partners, it is crucial to create excitement and buzz around your participation in the conference. One effective way to do this is by crafting an engaging LinkedIn post about your upcoming exhibition. Share details about your innovative solutions, highlight the value you bring to the industry, and emphasize the benefits of connecting with your company at the conference. By leveraging the power of social media, you can generate curiosity and capture the attention of your target audience, increasing the chances of meaningful interactions during the event. Craft your captivating LinkedIn post today.
  3. Upgrade Your Networking Experience with Tapni: In today's digital age, traditional paper business cards are becoming outdated and less effective in facilitating seamless networking. To stay ahead of the game and elevate your networking experience, consider adopting Tapni's cutting-edge NFC technology. With Tapni's digital business cards, you can effortlessly share your contact details, portfolio, and social media links with a simple tap, eliminating the hassle of exchanging physical cards and ensuring that your information is easily accessible to potential connections. Upgrade to a Tapni digital business card today and enhance your networking game at the conference. Get your Tapni digital business card now.

Post-Exhibition Action Points 📝

The journey doesn't end when the conference concludes. Here are some essential steps you should take after DMEXCO:

  1. Share Your Experience, LIVE: Enhance your credibility and build trust by sharing your GITEX experience on LinkedIn and your company blog. By presenting yourself as a reliable and reputable partner, you will make a lasting impression on potential clients and partners. Take a look at our inspiring LinkedIn post for ideas!
  2. When it comes to following up with your leads, it's crucial not to let the stack of business cards you collected gather dust! Be proactive and reach out to your leads promptly. If you're using Tapni for Business, you can conveniently centralize all your team leads in one place and export them directly to your CRM. Tapni seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Microsoft Dynamics. This integration streamlines your lead management process and ensures efficient follow-ups. Don't miss out on valuable opportunities to nurture and convert your leads!
  3. Analyse your networking: See how many time you have shared your information and how what where do people want to connect with you and your team members. In our case, after saving our contact information in the phone (contact card), people love to connect with us on LinkedIn.


Our experience was truly remarkable. We had the chance to network with exceptional industry professionals, gain valuable insights, and showcase our innovative solution.

We hope you found this account of our exciting journey enjoyable. If you're planning to exhibit at a future conference and need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us on social media. 😊

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Next stop: Web Summit: “Europe’s biggest tech conference” - November 13th, 2023, Lisbon 🇵🇹

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