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NameDrop by Apple: Simplifying Contact Sharing and its Impact on Digital Business Card Startups

Introduced with iOS 17, Apple's NameDrop has reshaped the landscape of contact sharing. 

With its integration into AirDrop, it streamlines the process of swapping contact information between iPhones. 

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and searching on AirDrop — just bring two iPhones together and the transfer happens effortlessly.

NameDrop also introduces personalized contact posters, letting you show off your unique identity when sharing contact details. 

You can tailor which pieces of contact information you want to share, maintaining privacy while fostering connections.

Overview of NameDrop


The feature, however, is not limited to contact information. 

Apple has broadened the functionality to share photos, enjoy SharePlay experiences, watch movies, and play games — all when two iPhones are in close proximity.

Despite its novelty to the Apple ecosystem, the concept behind NameDrop may seem familiar to many.

This is because Android has been using similar NFC technology for years to facilitate content sharing between devices. 

While NameDrop is expected to roll out with iOS 17 and will also be available on Apple Watch, it is worth noting that it doesn't come with an analytical side, CRM integration, or the ability to track networking activities.

The Impact on Digital Business Cards Industry

As digital transformation sweeps across all areas of our lives, the traditional practice of exchanging business cards is not immune to these changes. 

NameDrop's entry into this space signifies a shift in how people network, and it has far-reaching implications for the digital business card industry.

For one, the integration of contact sharing into the widely-used Apple ecosystem makes the process more convenient for millions of users. 

It's an undeniable advantage, and it sets a new standard for what users will expect from digital business card solutions.

On the other hand, the simplicity of NameDrop comes with limitations. It doesn't offer detailed analytics, CRM integration, or the ability to track networking activities, which are critical for understanding and managing business relationships. 

Additionally, NameDrop restricts users within the Apple ecosystem, leaving Android users without a solution. And while personalization is a key part of NameDrop, it's mostly limited to digital aesthetics. 

The physical, tangible aspect of networking — the act of handing over a business card, a sticker, or a keychain — is lost.

These limitations present an opportunity for other digital business card providers to differentiate themselves and deliver value to users in ways that NameDrop does not. 

One such provider that rises to the challenge is Tapni. 

Offering a superior networking solution, Tapni bridges the gap left by NameDrop, providing the much-needed functionalities that modern networking demands — both in personal and professional contexts.

Introduction to Tapni


Tapni revolutionizes networking and contact sharing with its digital business card. 

Forget about the hassle of printing and distributing hundreds of traditional business cards. 

With just one Tapni card, you can share all your social networks, links, and desired contact information in an instant.

Working on the principle of NFC technology, Tapni makes networking as simple as touching two phones together. 


Imagine sharing all your contact details with just one swipe of a card.

This convenience isn't just limited to iPhones — Tapni works perfectly on both iPhone and Android devices.

Tapni vs NameDrop - Comparison

While NameDrop simplifies contact sharing within the Apple ecosystem, Tapni takes it one step further by offering advanced features for both personal and business networking. 

With Tapni, you can manage all your data centrally and set all your data and links that you want to share with others in the Tapni app. 

The changes are instantly reflected on your card, ready to be shared at the next networking opportunity.

Tapni also offers a dedicated B2B solution — Tapni for Business. 

This powerful admin dashboard helps businesses create branded digital business cards from a central place, control permissions, automate lead generation, and analyse networking activities.

Advantages of Tapni over NameDrop

In contrast to NameDrop, Tapni offers distinct advantages that are crucial in modern networking:

  1. Analytical Insights: Tapni provides valuable data such as the number of taps you have, how many people visited your profile, which of your links are the most popular, and with whom you've created a connection.
  2. CRM Integration: With seamless integration to major CRMs like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Microsoft Azure, Slack, Google Workspace, and Salesforce, Tapni ensures that your networking efforts directly feed into your lead management process.
  3. Networking Tracking: Tapni enables you to track your networking activities, a crucial feature not available in NameDrop.
  4. Personalization: Tapni goes beyond digital interaction by offering personalized NFC cards, stickers, standees and keychains that can be aligned with your brand identity

Why Tapni is the Preferred Choice

While NameDrop and Tapni both revolutionize the way we share contact information, Tapni takes a clear lead with its advanced features and comprehensive functionality. 

The ability to track networking activities, integrated CRM support, and personalized physical NFC products set Tapni apart.

Tapni ensures that your networking isn't just about sharing contact information — it's about building meaningful connections and effectively managing them. 

So, whether you are an individual looking to broaden your network or a business aiming to automate your lead generation, Tapni is the right choice for you.

Ready to take your networking to the next level? Download the Tapni app today and experience the future of networking.

To sum up

There's a new way to network, and it's easier, more effective, and offers insights like never before. 

Whether you're an individual aiming to broaden your horizons or a business looking to streamline your networking, Tapni is here to revolutionize the way you connect.

Tapni brings together the best of technology, design, and user-experience, giving you the power to network your way. 

And with its seamless CRM integration, you can keep track of your connections effortlessly.

In today's digital world, networking is no longer limited to physical interactions or constrained by platforms.

As an individual aiming to broaden your horizons or a business seeking effective lead generation, Tapni empowers you to connect more intuitively, efficiently, and smartly.

Offering a blend of technology, design, and user-experience, Tapni redefines the networking landscape. And with seamless CRM integration, every connection you make becomes a potential relationship nurtured.

Instead of navigating through your networking journey alone, why not take a step towards smarter connections? Download the Tapni app today and witness a transformation in the way you network.


1. Why is Tapni a better choice than NameDrop for networking?

While NameDrop offers convenient contact sharing within the Apple ecosystem, Tapni brings advanced networking capabilities to both iPhone and Android users. 

With Tapni, you get to leverage detailed analytics, seamless CRM integration, and the ability to track networking activities. 

Plus, Tapni offers personalized NFC products that add a tangible aspect to digital networking. 

This combination of features makes Tapni a comprehensive networking solution that outperforms NameDrop.

2. Which devices support Tapni?

Tapni is versatile and supports both iPhone and Android devices, facilitating seamless networking across platforms.

3. Does everyone need to have the Tapni app to view my Tapni profile?

Not at all! Your Tapni profile and your contact details can be viewed by anyone, irrespective of whether they have the Tapni app installed. 

However, to fully experience the wide array of features that Tapni offers, the Tapni app is required.

4. What types of CRM systems can Tapni integrate with?

Tapni is designed to integrate smoothly with numerous CRM systems. This includes popular platforms such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, Microsoft Azure, Slack, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

5. How does Tapni aid in analytics?

Tapni provides insightful analytics that can transform your networking. You can track the number of taps you have, the number of people who visited your profile, the popularity of your links, and the connections you've made.

6. Can I customize my Tapni NFC products to match my brand identity?

Absolutely! Tapni offers you the flexibility to customize your NFC cards, stickers, and keychains and standees. This feature ensures your networking tools align perfectly with your brand identity.


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