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Comparing The 6 Best Smart Business Cards in 2024

Comparing The 6 Best Smart Business Cards in 2024

If you’ve been looking for a smart business card but you’re not sure where to start or what features are most important to you, look no further.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best smart business cards in 2024 and figure out what’s best for you or your business.

1) Tapni

Tapni simplifies networking with digital business cards, and also provides keychains, stickers, wristbands, and bundles. All products have NFC technology, allowing you to share your info with a single tap, and also come with a QR code so that devices without NFC can scan to exchange info.

Tapni: Features

Tapni business cards are made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic, bamboo (a renewable resource that regrows rapidly), metal, and PVC.

You can customize your business card and digital profile by choosing from a wide variety of templates and colors. All cards can be designed with your logo, images, and branding.

Besides customization, Tapni also offers comprehensive features for teams and businesses:

  • Actionable analytics to measure ROI at events and take action based on insights
  • Automated lead generation by importing contacts to your CRM with integrations
  • Quick setup to easily create and order digital business cards for your team members
  • 24/7 support for teams with Tapni for Business to assist with any issues you may have
  • Tapni: Sharing Options

    Tapni offers exceptional versatility in sharing options. In addition to the three primary methods:

  • Tapping on the smartphone,
  • Scanning the QR code on your digital business card
  • Scanning the QR code within the app
  •  Tapni also allows you to share your information by:

  • Using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other platforms by copying and pasting the link
  • Sending your card via text message or email
  • Creating a unique URL for your digital business card
  • Tapni: Pricing

    Tapni’s digital business cards start at $49.90, but you can get a card made of bamboo for $59.90 or a card made of metal for $79.90.

    Plans range from $0 for smaller teams to $19.90 for businesses, which come with more features.

    2) Mobilo

    Mobilo offers digital business cards, key fobs, and smart buttons. Their digital business cards allow you to share your contact details, manage leads, and integrate any CRM or HR tools.

    Mobilo: Features

    One of Mobilo’s standout features is its customization options for brand colors or company logo.

    You can also choose between plastic, wood, or metal for the material of the card.

    • Plastic cards are made from PET, which have a glossy finish.
    • Metal cards are made from stainless steel, and come in black, silver, or gold.
    • Wood cards come in birch or sapele, and have a polished finish.

    When it comes to other features, Mobilo offers:

  • A web-based option so you don’t need to download an app
  • Admin control panels to manage your team and cards from one tool
  • Tracking and analytics tools to measure individual or team data
  • Marketing automation to capture leads in your CRM
  • Mobilo: Sharing Options

    Mobilo has three modes of sharing: business card, landing page, and link to any URL. This means you can share and exchange your contact info or company info by tapping, scanning a QR code, or sharing URLs.

    Mobilo: Pricing

    Mobilo’s digital business cards vary between $4.99 and $49.50 for individual use. 

    For teams and businesses, the price will depend on the size of your team and choice of add-ons.

    3) Linq

    Linq is a digital business card provider designed to make sharing contact details more efficient, with products like custom cards, tags, badges, and bracelets, all with NFC technology.

    Linq: Features

    Linq gives you three main options when it comes to your digital business card’s design: a Linq Card, a Fully Custom Linq Card, or a Hyper Linq Card.

    The Linq Card comes in 10 color variants with a matte finish and has Linq’s logo on the front.


    The Fully Custom Linq Card allows you to incorporate your own design by uploading SVG, PNG, JPG or PDF files with a DPI of 300.

    The Hyper Linq Card offers faster connection when sharing and automatic follow-ups, but doesn’t have as many options for customization. The Custom Hyper Linq card allows you to customize the design, but will cost you an extra $30.

    Another remarkable feature from Linq is its fully customizable digital profiles, where you can add different types of content like:

  • URLs for social media and websites
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Photos and videos
  • Lead forms
  • Files, such as PDFs
  • Linq: Sharing Options

     Linq provides multiple sharing options via link, email signature, text + email message, QR code, or Zoom background.

    Linq: Pricing

    A Linq Card starts at $19.99 but a Fully Custom Linq Card will cost $44.99. Linq also has a Free or Premium Plan (which costs $5 per month or $50 per year) as well as a Linq for Teams Plan.

    4) Blinq 

    Blinq is a digital business card solution that offers Apple Watch and Android wear, Apple and Google Wallet integration, widgets, and NFC accessories.

    Blinq: Features

    Blinq’s customization options depend on what type of card you need and what plan you get. 

    On your digital profile, you can include:  

    • Job title, department, company name, accreditations
    • Email address, phone number, company URL
    • Links to various social media



    With Blinq’s Free plan, you can also upload your photo, cover photo, and logo, but for complete customization options, you need the Premium plan.

    Blinq also doesn’t support multimedia like video and audio files.

    To create and customize digital business cards for a team, you need to subscribe to Blinq's Business plan. With it, you can create templates for consistent branding, control what can be shared on each card, and sync your team’s contacts with any CRM.

    Blinq’s NFC cards come in three variants: Blinq Essential, Blinq Infinite, and Blinq Custom.


    Unless you go for the Blinq Custom card, Blinq doesn’t offer much customization options.

    The Blinq Essential card can’t be customized at all, the Blinq Infinite card only has a light and dark theme, and to remove the Blinq logo, it will cost an extra $10.

    Blinq: Sharing Options

    In terms of sharing, you can share your Blinq card by:

    • Scanning a QR code
    • Sending a text or email message
    • Tapping your NFC card
    • Sharing a custom URL link

    Blinq: Pricing

    For individuals, Blinq has a Free and Premium plan. For teams, Blinq has a Business and Enterprise plan. Blinq’s digital business cards range from $14 to $60 each, depending on how much you want to customize it.

    5) oneVcard

    oneVcard provides personal digital business cards that can be shared via scanning the QR code in the app or tapped with one of their NFC products.

    oneVcard: Features

    With oneVcard, you can share your digital business card without the other person needing an app, and you can create multiple business cards and choose which ones you want to share.

    There are four main options oneVcard offers for a physical card:

  • Classic
  • Metal with engraving
  • Metal with engraving and logo
  • Badge
  • Both metal variants are available in black, gold, or rose, and are made from anodized aluminum.

    The Classic card and Badge don’t allow you to customize any design, but you can upgrade them to the Premium plan if the Lite plan doesn’t have enough features for you. We’ll get more into what features are available to Lite users later.

    In terms of customization, your options depend on what plan you get.

    With the Lite plan, you only get to choose from three templates, and you can’t pick your own colors or fonts. With the Premium plan, you get more versatility, but you still can’t create your own template or design.

    Some tools are also unavailable to users who get the Lite Plan.

    For example, you can add 5 social media channels, but you don’t get to add any information about yourself or your company or add any links to websites. Furthermore, you can’t analyze how often your card is viewed. 

    You also don’t get any: 

  • Advanced sharing features
  • Teams functions*
  • Integrations*


    *Teams functions and integrations are also not available for Premium users, and are currently only available for users who get the teams plan.

    oneVcard: Sharing Options

    To share your oneVcard, you can tap with NFC, scan a QR code, or send a link.

    oneVcard: Pricing 

    The Classic oneVcard is $27.10 and the Badge is $16.30. The metal engraving card is $54.50, while the metal engraving with logo card is $97.80. To get the rose or gold option rather than the standard black, it will cost you an extra $10.

    All products can be used with the Lite or Premium plan, which is best for individual users, whereas for teams, the cost of the teams plan and Teams Enterprise plan will depend on whether you want to use oneVcard exclusively digitally or get metal cards, and how big your team is.

    6) Lemontaps

    Lemontaps provides digital business cards primarily for teams and businesses that can be shared via QR code, link, or NFC chip.

    Lemontaps: Features

    Lemontaps offers three options for what material you can get your NFC business card in: metal, bamboo, or recycled plastic.

    With recycled plastic, you get to design the entire surface, but with bamboo, you can only design the text and logo. The metal option allows you to engrave text, but not in color.

    When you share your digital business card with Lemontaps, the other person receives your digital profile, which can have your:

  • Contact information: name, position, email, telephone or addresses
  • Links: link to your website, social media channels, or other call-to-actions
  • Files: documents, videos or images
  • Images: profile picture, cover picture and logo
  •  Your profile’s colors, shapes, and icons can also be designed according to your corporate identity.

    For teams and businesses, you can capture leads faster with forms or the business card scanner, as well as record how many contacts were collected.

    Lemontaps: Sharing Options

    Lemontaps has numerous options when it comes to sharing, such as:

  • Digital wallet
  • QR code
  • NFC chip
  • Link
  • Lock screen
  • Videocall background
  • Email signature
  • Paper card

    Lemontaps: Pricing

    If you don’t mind the Lemontaps logo, the bamboo and recycled plastic cards cost $9.10.

    If you do want to customize your card, the bamboo and recycled plastic cards cost $32.60, while the metal card costs $54.40 regardless of whether you customize it or not. There is also an extra $10 charge to customize the back.

    If you’re concerned about what features you get, you can choose from three plans: Starter, Teams, or Enterprise. The Starter plan is limited in terms of contact entry, design options, central admin management, and IT integrations, so if you want full functionality or want to use Lemontaps in your team, you should probably upgrade to Teams or Enterprise.

    What’s Best For You?

    After comparing the features, sharing options, and pricing of the top smart business cards in 2024, it's clear that Tapni stands out as the best choice for professionals and businesses.

    Tapni offers unique features like automated follow-ups, data centralization for teams, and synchronization with your CRM, allowing businesses to monitor lead activity comprehensively.

    With 24/7 customer support, easy onboarding, and versatility in sharing options, Tapni ensures that you can quickly adapt and scale your networking efforts.

    Tapni excels compared to other companies by offering comprehensive benefits to individuals and teams. Try Tapni and experience better networking today.

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