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Retrospective of the year - Tapni Europe

Retrospective of the Year 2022

A year to remember!
It has been an incredible ride for theĀ TapniĀ team in 2022! āœØ

This was a year where we took big steps, exceeded our expectations, expanded the team, reached new markets and worked hard to make our products better than ever.

Here are some highlights of our achievements:


We got bigger

Our team has grown from 5 to 25 members, showing a strong commitment to expanding and improving our capabilities.

This is a sign for us that, apart from us, there are many other people with whom we share the same passion for Tapni products. This means that our team is built from people who believe in what we do, and what could be a greater motivation than that?

Tapni Team from 5 do 25 team membersĀ 

We grew

We have seen tremendous growth in revenue, reaching 500% growth over the past year!

What does this mean for us?

This is a sign that thousands of people around the world have directly witnessed the benefits of our products and services! The revolution we have introduced in the way of networking has no intention of stopping, but is growing every day!

Tapni Growth +500% in one year

We showed up

We have participated in numerous conferences across Europe, showcasing our products and services to a wide audience.

Even when we are out of the office, we are always guided by our mission and vision - to create a revolution in the way people network. That is why this year we visited, participated and were presenters at a number of different events in the field of information technology and were able to show the advantages of our products and services to a wider audience.

Tapni at the conferences 2022


We were honored to present our startup to investors atĀ 2Minuten2MillionenĀ startup show in Austria, the most popular startup show in the region.

This was an unforgettable and challenging experience, which forces you to present your startup as briefly and as well as possible.

For the Tapni team, that was not difficult either. Our mission is known and it takes not minutes, but seconds for it to become clear to others - we want to speed up, simplify and improve the way of networking by replacing paper business cards with digital business cards.

Tapni at 2 minuten 2 millionen austrian startup show

Tapni For Business

We developed a world-class networking solution for teams and businesses, designed to help them connect and collaborate more effectively.Ā šŸ‘€

If you are the owner or work in a corporation that has hundreds or thousands of employees and if new acquaintances and various business events are everyday for you, Tapni For Business will be a way to sublimate all activities and actions in one place.

New Custom ProductsĀ 

We launched new custom products such as Custom Bamboo cards, providing a sustainable and high-quality option for a modern networking!

More than ever before, as users of Tapni Bamboo cards, you will let others know that you are not only ready for a completely new way of networking, but that you are aware of the importance of protecting the environment.


Paper business card scannerĀ 

Tapni App features an AI business card scanner that extracts information from paper and automatically adds it to your CRM as a lead capture machine.

Just imagine how much this functionality will help you!

No more typing data from the card!

No more need to get rid of the useless paper business cards you get.

Simply scan the business card you received with Tapni Business Card ScannerĀ and the magic of our development team will do its work!

Cool and powerful, right?

Business Card Scanner - Tapni App

We got mark

tapni Ā® - We have successfully registered our trademark, protecting our brand and intellectual property.

This was a way to strengthen the connection that exists between our users and this story that we created through hard work and commitment to create something that will benefit the whole world. Thank you for recognizing the importance of our work and know that all the future success of the Tapni brand belongs to you, as well.

Tapni Trademark Registered

Katapult accelerator program

We completed the startup accelerator program Katapult, gaining valuable insights and connections that have helped us grow and succeed. šŸš€

Participation in the catapult accelerator program not only enabled us to present our product to a new audience and make new acquaintances, but also to achieve mentoring cooperation with people who are successful professionals in the field of IT, digital marketing, finance and project management.


Tapni Knowledge baseĀ 

We made our knowledge base even better and easier for our users, which you can see for yourself atĀ

Created to be our common ally, Tapni knowledge base can be your first stop when you have encountered a certain doubt or problem with the Tapni application or product and you want to find a solution as soon as possible. This database is simple, transparent and useful for all those ready to revolutionise their way of networking today!


Tapni Blog

We finally launched our Blog, where we prepare for you behind-the-scenes stories, the adventures we went through, but also about what the ups and downs really look like when launching a startup.

We believe that it will be not only interesting, but also inspiring for you to see how we came from an idea between three friends to being one of the fastest growing startups in the field of networking, but also to find out what many processes in our company look like , from ordering the card to the moment it is in your hands. Be ready for great stories and adventures that will await you on the Tapni blog.Ā 

You can find our very first blog post right here.

We got thousands of new users

Over 35,000 users feel the benefits of Tapni products and services every day šŸ™ŒšŸ¼

Every new event and meeting is an opportunity for our users to show the world what a modern and innovative way of networking looks like and to be leaders in the networking revolution brought about by all our products and services.

And in 2023?

Well, as before - the Tapni team will surprise you with the solutions it is preparing. No matter how difficult and challenging it may be, the beginning and end of each of our goals and tasks is the satisfaction of our users.

Therefore, expect soon:

1. Launch of Tapni For Businessā„¢
2. Tapni Proā„¢ - App Version Made for Professionals

ā€¦ And much more šŸ”„

We wish you a happy new year, because this year wouldn't be so wonderful without you!Ā 

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