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Track Your Digital Business Cards Performance

Making and sharing your digital business cards is one half of the puzzle—tracking your cards’ and teammates’ performance is the other half. That’s where Tapni covers you.

Tracking networking efforts manually takes time

It takes a lot of time to track the networking activities of your teammates and yourself manually. You need to keep track of all the data being sent and received by each user, as well as any other activity that is happening on the network.

Other solutions provide only basic analytics

Many digital business cards only provide basic analytics, such as the number of views or clicks. This can be helpful in understanding how popular your card is, but it doesn't give much insight into who is viewing it or how they found you, what links they clicked, etc.

Don’t miss the fruits of tracking your networking activities

39% of people would choose not to do business with a company that has a “cheap-looking” business card. That’s why we created beautiful digital business cards supported with next-level technology to track your networking efforts.


All Team networking metrics within a single dashboard

Track your teams’ digital business card performance within a single dashboard insight to make the most out of your contacts. Use the data collected to improve your networking strategies and better target your audience.

Understand where your leads are generated from

Tapni Business is a leading solution that lets you track engagement with your cards. Track important metrics such as the number of card views, best-performing users, views by channels, link clicks, latest connections, and more.

Explore the top-performing channels

Identify the best-performing channels and measure their success to double down your efforts and optimize your Tapni profile for optimal results.

Track the team members’ progress

Identify teammates that make the best progress, and analyze their performance to help everyone from your team boost their progress.

Perfect for Networking Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a sales executive, CEO, a Real Estate agent, or you just love networking, Tapni is a solution for you.

This is why +50,000 individuals and companies love Tapni cards.

Thousands of individuals and companies experienced next-level networking and improved their teammates’ performance with Tapni Analytics.

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These companies increased the number of leads by X% using Tapni digital business cards. What are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Metrics can I track with Tapni Analytics?

Some of the metrics that you can track using Tapni analytics are Link Clicks, Click through ratio, Connections, Latest Connections, Most Active Users, Tag Visits, and Most Popular Link Types, and you can various metrics for each person within your team.

Does the other person need to have the Tapni app?

No. You can share your Tapni card with anyone - even if they don’t have the app. Your card has a unique URL that can be shared at anytime, anywhere - and saved directly into the phone contacts of the person you're connecting with.