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NFC Business Cards: What Is It And How To Make One?

Another business networking event’s finished, and you’re heading home with a bunch of business cards shared, thinking you’ve made some great connections.

But will the business card you gave ring a bell in a few days? Will your new contact remember who you are just by looking at your card?

In addition, since people throw away 8 billion business cards per week, the question is how to impress potential clients or partners with something innovative and memorable?

Well, look no further than NFC business cards! They are revolutionizing the way we network and market ourselves.

So today, we'll explore what NFC business cards are, how they work, and, most importantly, how you can create one for yourself.

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What are NFC Business Cards?

NFC stands for near-field communication allowing two devices to exchange data when in proximity.

This wireless transfer made NFC technology integral to digital business cards, online payments, public transportation tickets, contactless keycards, etc.

So what are NFC business cards, and how do they work

NFC Business Cards contain an NFC chip, which NFC-enabled devices can read.  The devices need to be within a range of about 4 inches. 

Thus, the information will be wirelessly transferred to the device when an NFC-enabled device is near an NFC tag.

What are The Benefits of NFC Business Cards?

The benefits of NFC business cards are multifold:

  • You can store much more versatile information than on traditional business cards. For example, you can store links to your website, social media profiles, photos, videos, etc.
  • You can make them more interactive and add contacts, exchange and share information, etc.
  • You can save more money because you don’t need to create a new NFC card every time you change your contact info. You just need to update your NFC business card.
  • You can help the environment because you can reuse your card many times, and most are made from eco-friendly materials.

Thus, it isn’t surprising that their market size is expected to double in just a few years at a CAGR of 9.9% during 2022-2028.

In addition, not only is the transfer quick and smooth, but creating NFC business cards is also a breeze if you use the right app.

How to Make NFC Business Cards?

Regardless of which app you use, the process of making NFC business cards is quite similar:

  1. You choose, customize and order your NFC business card
  2. You download the app and set up your profile
  3. Once you’ve got your NFC business cards, you activate the tag.

Let’s check these steps in more detail and show you how easily you can make NFC business cards with Tapni.

How to Make NFC Business Cards Using Tapni?

Tapni helps you create fully customizable digital business cards, stickers, keychains, and wristbands so you can seamlessly share relevant info with new contacts and prospects. 

Let’s have a more detailed look at how you can easily create your own NFC business card with Tapni.

1. Choose, Customize and Order your NFC Business Card

The first thing you should do is choose the type of NFC business card you want.

You can choose between standard and custom products.

When it comes to a standard NFC business card, you can choose between 6 colors and a glossy or matte finish.


On the other hand, a custom option allows for more creativity and including elements such as your name, logo, special designs or patterns, brand colors, etc.


In addition, you can also opt for a bamboo card that comes in dark and light colors.

Regardless of which type of NFC business card you choose, they all come with a QR code, making them a great option in case your contact has a non-NFC-compatible device.

What’s more, they are all eco-friendly.

2. Set Up Your Profile

While you wait for your Tapni NFC business card to arrive, you can set up your profile. 

1. Download the App

To do so, you need to download Tapni Mobile App, available on the Apple and Google Play Store. 


2. Create an Account

The next step is to create your account so you can customize and edit the info you want to include and share.


Now it’s time to get creative and personalize your profile to make the most out of it.

By clicking on the Edit button, you can:

  • Add your Profile Picture/Logo 


  • Add your Name
  • Add a Bio: Here, you can add your tagline, quick intro, title, emojis, or anything you find relevant that sets you apart from competitors.
  • Add your links: When you click “Add link,” you can add as many links as you want. Furthermore, you can always edit them.


  • Add your custom links: Besides social media account links, you can add custom links (website, online catalog, menu, survey, videos, images, online PDF, etc.). 


  • Add your contact card: If you want the other person to save your information directly on their phone, you should add your contact card.

And at any given moment, you can access the sidebar or menu and check your profile info, connections, device compatibility, etc.

In addition, you can see how completed your profile is and get suggestions on what to add and include.


The final step in using your NFC business card is to activate the tag.

3. Activate The Tag

You can activate the tag in 4 easy steps:

  1. Click on the sidebar.
  2. Click on “Activate Tag”
  3. Next, click on “Scan QR Code”
  4. Finally, scan the QR code of your product. For business cards, the QR code will be on the front of your card.


And the good thing is that you can reassign your tag to another profile or user. You just need to delete the tag from the current profile and activate it on the new one.

Pretty cool, right?

If you’ve followed the previous steps, congratulations - your Tapni is now activated and linked to your digital profile.

Now it’s time to start networking and sharing your NFC business card.

How to Share NFC Business Cards?

Regardless of whether your new contact is using an Android or iOS device, they must have their NFC enabled so you can tap the device and exchange contact cards.

For Android devices, you’ll tap the central part of the back of your phone, while for iOS, you’ll tap “the sweet spot” on the very top of the back of the device.

Note: If NFC doesn’t seem to be working, check whether:

  • The other phone is in airplane mode
  • The other phone is in battery saving mode 
  • The other phone has the lamp on 
  • The screen of the other phone is off
  • The other phone's camera is in use.

And the beauty of it all is that the other person doesn’t need a Tapni app to receive your information. 

As you can see, making NFC business cards with Tapni is fast, smooth, and easy.

But the magic of Tapni doesn’t stop there.

How Else Can You Benefit From Tapni?

Unlike many NFC business card providers, Tapni also provides valuable features for teams and businesses.

For example, you can:

🔥 Manage teams easier by synchronizing their digital business cards with your Azure, Google, or Slack Employee Directory.

🔥 Understand networking activities better with Tapni’s analytics tool so you can reward top performers, measure ROI at events and take action based on these valuable insights.

🔥 Automate lead generation and automatically send your new leads to your CRM due to our native integrations.

Feeling curious about having a go at Tapni?

Create your NFC business card today and make a lasting impression with your next networking opportunity.




1. Can I Make My Own NFC card?

Yes, you can make your very own NFC card with Tapni. Once you’ve downloaded Tapni app and registered, follow the instructions in the blog post below to learn how to create an NFC business card.

How to Create a Digital Business Card?

2. Are NFC Business Cards Safe?

NFC business cards are safe because they share rather than extract information. Furthermore, NFC chips don’t store personal or financial information.

This is why it’s essential to order your cards from trustworthy and reliable providers and see if they have strong password protection and encryption. 

3. Can NFC Business Cards Expire?

No, NFC business cards can’t expire. They have an unlimited lifetime and you can add, edit and share your information as much as you like and whenever you want directly through the app you are using.

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