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How to Network as Introvert - Everything You Need To Know

Are you feeling overwhelmed, dreadful, anxious, and stressed when networking? We hear you.

Successful networking is already a challenge on its own, and if you add being an introvert, the stakes are even higher.

The good news?

Networking doesn’t have to be that intimidating if you’re an introvert. 

Actually, you can turn your introvert skills into a superpower to help you network better.

Curious to find out how?

Read on to discover 10 tips on how to network as an introvert, but as a pro, too.

The Top 4 Networking Challenges for an Introvert

1. Initiating Conversations

One of the main challenges introverts face when networking is initiating conversations with strangers. 

Engaging in casual conversations can be mentally exhausting and may feel superficial to introverts, making it harder to establish connections and build relationships. 

In addition, the fear of rejection or not knowing what to say can hamper your networking efforts, as you feel more comfortable observing from the sidelines rather than actively participating.

2. Attending Large Events

Attending large events or conferences with unfamiliar faces and loud noises can be exhausting since introverts thrive in quieter environments.

Therefore, the constant influx of people and noise can drain their energy, making it harder to sustain social interactions and focus on making meaningful connections.

3. Doing Self-Promotion

Although too much self-promotion isn’t preferable, you should highlight your skills, achievements, and expertise

However, this task is more challenging for introverts - they tend to be more modest and feel uncomfortable highlighting their accomplishments.

As a result, they might not present themselves confidently, making it more difficult to stand out.

ProTip: Use a customized and original business card that will grab attention. And if you go for a digital business card, customizing options are almost endless.


4. Building a Large Network

Introverts typically prefer deep and meaningful connections over a large network of contacts, making it challenging to expand their network since networking events often prioritize quantity over quality. 

In addition, building and maintaining a large network also requires extra effort and energy for introverts.


However, with the right tips, you can overcome these challenges, diminish their effect, and truly benefit from all the perks networking brings along.

How to Network as an Introvert - 10 Tips You Can Try Today

1. Prepare in Advance

A good tip to reduce the level of stress is to prepare in advance and ahead of time. Do the research on the event, speakers, and people you’d like to meet.

Doing so will eliminate the fear of the unknown because you’ll know what to expect. 

In addition, it will give you time to prepare questions and topics you’d like to ask and also to see if there is some common ground between you and other attendees.


2. Connect Before the Event

Once you’ve found possible matches, send them a connection request via social media or the event app. 

This way, you’ll already make some initial connections and see familiar faces when the event starts.

Note: Using digital solutions, such as Tapni, allow you to send your digital profile quickly so your new connections can easily see what you’re all about. 

It will make striking a conversation easier.


3. Arrive Early

Arriving before the event starts will provide you with some solo time so you can get adjusted to the space and roam around while it’s still not crowded.

4. Bring a Plus 1

Whoever said you need to attend a networking event alone? If possible, bring a more outgoing friend or a co-worker that will take things over once you become overwhelmed.

Furthermore, having someone you know and trust will help you relax more.

Note: In case you come alone and are really struggling, you can always find the event moderators and ask for some help with the introductions.

5. Find Other Fellow Introverts

The chance you’re the only introvert at the event is highly improbable. Thus, you can find fellow introverts before the event and connect with them. 

Think of it as the support group that will facilitate going through the event.

6. Take Necessary Breaks

Networking is exhausting, and even more so if you’re an introvert. Allow yourself short breaks when you feel overwhelmed, and it becomes too much for you to handle.

Find a quiet corner or go outside, take a deep breath, and chill for a while.


7. Steer Away from The Mobile Phone

Yes, I know it’s tempting to hide in your little corner and browse on your phone, not being disturbed.

However, it will keep other attendees away and prevent you from actual networking. Yes, I know that sounds tempting, too.

Note: Check your phone occasionally, there’s nothing with that, but try not to hide behind it all the time.

8. Join Virtual Networking Events

Virtual networking events can provide a more comfortable place if you’re an introvert since they can be less awkward.

Furthermore, most of the conversation goes via chats and messages or in smaller break-out rooms, which can put your mind at more ease and allow you to have more 1:1 conversations.

What’s more, you’re doing it from the comfort of your own home.


9. Focus on Quality over Quantity

If you ask me, I think that networking events, in general, should be more about quality than quantity.

Let’s be real - how many people you’ve exchanged business cards with you actually contacted afterward?

Not that many, right?

So, use this to your advantage: have more structured, 1:1 conversations, connect with fewer people, but make those connections count.

10. Follow up after The Event

It’s so easy to forget to follow up after the event with the excitement of forging new connections still lingering in the air.

But do follow up - it’s the only way to expand your network and maintain and nurture new relationships.

ProTip: If you have Tapni’s profile, you can set a follow-up reminder so you’ll  never miss reaching out.

Finally, despite the challenges, introverts have unique strengths that give them a head start and can contribute to successful networking

I am an Introvert, What’s Your Super Power?

Being an introvert means you have unique advantages you can bring to the table when it comes to networking:

Excellent listening skills - Introverts listen more attentively and observe during conversations, enabling them to build stronger relationships in the long run.

Tendency to have deeper connections - Introverts also often prefer deeper connections with fewer people, so they tend to last longer as they are built on mutual respect and trust.

Advanced observation skills - Since they prefer observing to engaging in conversations, introverts are very good at reading people and, consequently, better at creating a more comfortable environment.

Self-awareness -  Introverts are cautious regarding what they want to convey, as they don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Result? More substantive conversations.


Networking as an introvert requires a strategic approach that plays to your strengths and overcomes any weaknesses. 

Furthermore, we hope that our 10 tips on how to network as an introvert will make the next networking event less intimidating.

And in order to help you even more on that journey, let’s show you a digital solution that can assist you greatly in your networking efforts.

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1. What Social Skills Do Introverts Have?

Introverts have great soft skills, such as listening, empathy, deeper understanding of the co-speaker, as well as observation skills.

2. Can Introverts Be Good Networkers?

Although networking might not come naturally, introverts can be good networkers because they have excellent soft skills and know how to read people and their body language.

3. How do Introverts Recharge Their Social Batteries?

It’s important for introverts to have their solo time, such as reading, chilling out, etc. When it comes to networking events, it’s crucial to step back for a while and then return to the event.

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