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9 Best Event Lead Generation Apps in 2024

Regardless of their type, events have become essential for generating leads and fostering valuable connections with potential customers.

However, capturing and managing leads efficiently can be daunting with so many attendees.

Fortunately, numerous event lead generation apps have emerged to streamline this process and maximize the ROI. 

But how to choose?

Read on to check our top picks regarding the best event lead generation apps.

8 Ways to Effectively Use Lead-Generation Apps for Events

Naturally, a lot will depend on the event type and your goals, but the following ways will help you stay organized and plan your event with minimum impediments.

1. Pre-Event Planning

Integrate lead-generation strategies into your pre-event planning. 

Thus, create compelling content, such as informative blogs, social media posts, and email campaigns, to generate interest and encourage attendees to register.

Also, include links or forms that capture their information during registration.

2. Set Up Lead Capture Forms

If your event involves online registration or RSVP, incorporate lead capture forms into the registration process.

You should keep the form simple, asking for essential contact information like name, email, company, and job title.


However, consider including additional questions to gather data relevant to your event goals or for better lead segmentation.

3. Integrate with CRM and Marketing Automation

Ensure your lead-generation apps seamlessly integrate with your CRM system and marketing automation software.


4. Prepare for Physical Events

Use lead retrieval apps or badge scanning solutions for physical events like trade shows or conferences to capture attendee information quickly.


Furthermore, train your staff to use these tools effectively, ensuring accurate data capture during the event.

5. Lead Nurturing

To engage attendees during the event, use interactive lead-generation tools like polls, quizzes, games, or surveys.

Not only does interactive content capture leads, but it also keeps attendees entertained and invested in your brand.

6. Collect Real-time Data

It’s a good idea to use lead-generation apps offering real-time data analytics to provide instant insights into attendee engagement, preferences, and behavior.

Moreover, real-time data enables you to make on-the-spot adjustments to your event strategies if necessary.


7. Post-Event Follow-up

After the event, follow up with the leads you've captured promptly.

Use your integrated CRM and marketing automation systems to send personalized follow-up emails thanking attendees for participating and providing relevant content or offers.

8. Measure ROI

Analyze the data collected by your lead generation tools to measure your event's ROI. 

For example, you can evaluate the number of leads generated, the quality of leads, and the conversion rate post-event to identify areas for improvement in future events.

And now, let’s finally check the 9 best event lead generation apps.

9 Best Event Lead Generation Apps to Implement for Your Next Event

Robust lead generation apps usually combine lead capture and lead retrieval since they are interconnected steps in acquiring potential leads. 

Therefore, our top picks also criss-cross these 3 main categories.

1. Lead Retrieval Apps

Lead retrieval apps are a must-have for any business participating in trade shows, conferences, or expos because they easily collect contact information and other crucial data from attendees.

Thus, they can scan badges, business cards, or QR codes, ensuring accurate lead capture and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

1.1 Tapni


Tapni is a digital solution that helps you generate, capture and retrieve leads during any type of networking event.

In addition, Tapni enables you to create fully-customizable digital business cards equipped with the NFC chip and QR code for easy and quick info exchange.

What’s more, you can use the QR code in more than one way. Thus, you can:

💥 Incorporate it into your event and post a feedback sheet, keynotes, useful links, etc., on your Tapni profile.

💥 Use it as a gamification tool where the first person who scans it and provides some info from your profile or solves a task gets a small reward or prize. 

💥 Post the host or speaker’s QR code as the background during your virtual event, allowing attendees to quickly access relevant info by scanning the code.

Furthermore, Tapni offers actionable analytics and tracking tools to provide valuable event data, top performers, ROI, etc.

Key Features

✨ Instant messaging - You can automatically send a message to all the attendees that have contacted you or visited your profile.

✨ Grouping features - You can regroup attendees, add tags or markers to them, do list segmentation, etc. 

✨ Follow-up feature - You can schedule a follow-up reminder and not miss out on reaching out.

✨ Customizable links - You can Include video links, social media links, website links, etc., catering to your target audience.

✨ Direct links - You can direct your audience to the social media channel of your choice.


✨ Custom links -  You can send your visitors to a profile or an event landing page you wish them to see.


✨ Lead Generation Automation - You can collect attendees’ data and send them directly to your CRM, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. 

Tapni integrates with Microsoft Azure, Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.


Tapni products range from $19.90 to $59.90.


1.2 iCapture


iCapture seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, simplifying lead management and follow-up processes.

It is built for conferences, large expos, and trade shows and supports multiple devices.. Its features range from lead scoring and CRM integration to auto-reply emails and reporting.

In addition, iCapture has a cool feature - it can catch data offline

Thus, the app can continue capturing leads offline and sync the data with the cloud once the connection is restored.

Key Features 

✨ Hot Leads - Exhibitors can set specific criteria to classify leads as hot, warm, or cold based on the responses provided in the lead capture forms.

✨ Badge Scanning - Scan contact info quickly using your own device to eliminate manual entry.

✨ CRM and Marketing Automation system - Transfer of captured leads from the app to the CRM database.

iCapture integrates with Marketo, HubSpot, Zoho, Mailchimp, etc.


 The pricing isn’t listed but is based on an annual service agreement, starting at $8,000.

1.3 Leadature


Leadature is a popular lead-capturing tool for live and virtual events, conferences, and trade shows.

It provides features like real-time scoring, instant attendee follow-up, offline capability, etc.

Furthermore, you can also scan badges and business cards and create customized registration forms and check-ins.

When it comes to hosting virtual events, you can host live or pre-recorded meetings and webinars while capturing every touch point, login, time watched, time left, etc.

Key Features

✨Exhibitor Lead Capture - Exhibitors can set up their questions, surveys, documents, collateral, and email templates.

✨ Session scanning - You can scan into an unlimited number of sessions, special events, and theaters.

✨ Contactless RFID tracking - You can track attendees in various locations and collect many data points.

Leadature integrates with Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, etc.


The pricing is available on request.

2. Event Management Software

Many event management platforms now include built-in lead generation features

These tools combine event planning, registration, ticketing, and lead capture in one platform, simplifying event management.

2.1 Cvent


Cvent is event management software offering features to help you plan, manage, and run both physical and virtual events.

Therefore, you can use Cvent for registration and attendee management to post-event reporting and analytics.

Features worth mentioning are:

  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Management - Exhibitors can showcase their products and services, while sponsors can receive branding opportunities and exposure.
  • Email Marketing and Communication - Send personalized invitations, updates, and reminders to registered attendees and potential participants.
  • Mobile Event App - Provides event schedules, session details, speaker information, interactive maps, etc.

Key Features

✨ Onsite Event Management - Offers onsite event management tools such as check-in and badge printing, session tracking, and lead retrieval.

✨ Track attendance - Manage session check-ins and capacity control and track session attendance.

✨  Cvent LeadCapture - Allows you and your exhibitors to scan, qualify, rate, and take notes on each lead.

✨ Trade Show Features - Capture leads by scanning a QR code, name badge, or business card.

✨ CRM and marketing automation - Import leads directly to your CRM.

Cvent integrates with HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle, Veeva, etc.


Cvent offers 3 Premium Plans, but the pricing is upon request.


2.2 Zuant


Zuant is a lead capture and event management platform designed to streamline lead generation and data capture processes at trade shows, events, and exhibitions.

Like some competitors, Zuant can also function offline, continue capturing leads offline and sync the data when the connection is back.

Zuant has real-time reporting and analytics tools, giving exhibitors insight into lead capture metrics, event performance, and attendee engagement.

Regarding post-event features, Zuant supports email campaigns and enables exhibitors to send personalized follow-up emails to captured leads.

According to the platform itself, event organizers, marketing and sales teams, and CRM leaders benefit most from the app.

Key Features

✨ Badge Printing and Check-In - Enables scanning badges, business cards, QR codes, and other Barcodes or NFC tags.

✨ Customizable Lead Capture Forms - Create customizable lead capture forms, and add custom questions and fields to gather additional information from leads.

✨ Lead Capture App - Allows exhibitors to scan event attendees' badges, business cards, or QR codes.

✨Lead Qualification and Scoring - Enables exhibitors to prioritize leads based on their level of interest and engagement.

✨ Zuant QR - Uses the QR code to capture contact details first and then sends an instant message, a follow-up email, and details to your marketing automation system.

Zuant integrates with Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, and Pardot.


The pricing isn’t displayed, but based on the info from the GetApp, 5 device license costs $380/month, 10 device license: $690/month, and 20 device license: $1160/month.

2.3 PheedLoop


PheedLoop is an event management platform streamlining the planning, managing, and running of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

In addition, PheedLoop also has a mobile event app attendees can use to access event information, engage in interactive features, and connect with other participants. And as for the organizers, the app helps you promote your sponsors & exhibitors, use gamification tools, customize your schedule, and white-label the app.

Key Features

✨ Event Website and Registration - 

✨ On-site and mobile check-ins tools - Provide a variety of options, such as touchless QR codes, customized badge printing, eBadges, self-check-in modes, etc.

✨ Session Check-Ins - Help gather engagement information, track CE credits, and verify access to specific sessions.

✨ Exhibitor Management - Exhibitors can showcase their products and services in virtual booths, and organizers can track exhibitor performance and engagement.

✨ Networking and Matchmaking - AI-powered matchmaking, one-on-one meetings, and virtual networking lounges.

✨ Attendee Engagement - Provide tools like live polling, Q&A sessions, surveys, and gamification.

PheedLoop integrates with Asana, Zoho Books, Housecall Pro, ClickSend SMS, Bexio, etc.

3. Interactive Lead Capture Tools

Interactive lead-capture tools engage event attendees actively, making the lead-capture process more enjoyable and effective

For example, these tools can include gamification, surveys, quizzes, and interactive presentations encouraging attendees to share their information willingly.

3.1 SocialPoint


SocialPoint is an audience engagement platform providing a range of gamification options to attract attendees and collect leads through interactive games and contests.

And the selection is really wide: Quick games, Branded games for marketers, Scavenger Hunt & passport games, Multi-Event plan options, etc.

Furthermore, you can personalize, theme, and brand your game with +50 pre-made or your own themes.

SocialPoint specializes in trade show booths and corporate event games.

Key Features

✨ Trade Show Games - Tailored to drive booth traffic, capture leads, and measure impact across shows.

Some of the games include Challenge Bar Trivia, Virtual Prize Wheel, Digital Fishbowl, etc.

✨Corporate Event Games - Tailored to boost engagement, you can play them individually or in teams.

Popular games from this batch are QR code scavenger hunts, trivia games, Live Polls, Surveys, Q&A, etc.

✨Resource section - Offering guides, ebooks, and case studies to help you maximize the effects of gamification at your event.


SocialPoint offers 3 Premium Plans.


3.2 Glisser


Glisser is an audience engagement and interactive presentation platform designed to improve the attendee experience during live events, webinars, etc. 

Its features cover 5 main categories:

  • Engagement
  • Customization
  • Monetization
  • Insights
  • Connections

The platform also provides event organizers with analytics and engagement metrics that track attendee engagement, session popularity, and overall event performance.

In addition, Glisser also provides registration and management tools.

Key Features

Networking and Collaboration - Includes features for one-on-one messaging, virtual networking lounges, and attendee profiling to connect like-minded participants.

✨ Social Media Integration - Allows attendees to share key presentation moments, poll results, and feedback on their social media accounts

✨ Interactive Presentations - Create interactive presentations with features like live polling, Q&A sessions, and audience feedback.

✨ Slide Sharing and Download - Share slides with the audience in real time so that attendees can access and download these directly to their devices.

✨ Gamification tools - Includes quizzes and lottery draws, embeddable interactive elements, as well as integrations with 3rd-party game and selfie-booth providers.

Glisser integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint, HubSpot CRM, Marketo Engage, Grip, etc.


The pricing list isn’t displayed, but according to the GetApp, the price starts from $1299 per user per month.

3.3 Captello


Captello is lead capture software that boosts engagement across viral, live, and digital platforms.

Furthermore, Captello provides solutions for event organizers, exhibitors, and workplace and retail managers.

And speaking of solutions, they cover:

  • Universal Lead Capture
  • Activations and Games
  • Rewards and Prizes
  • Event Marketing 
  • Event Management.

Thus Captello’s features range from instant lead capture and games to customized registration forms and payment collection.

An interesting and unusual feature that Captello offers is to follow up with prospects with  personalized handwritten letters and postcards.

Key Features

✨ Lead Capture App - Scanning of badges, business cards, or QR codes to collect attendee contact information and other relevant data in real time.

✨ Customizable Lead Capture Forms - Exhibitors can include custom questions and fields to gather additional information from leads beyond standard contact details.

✨ Activation and Games - Provide 50+ interactive games and leaderboards, treasure hunts, multiple gameplay, etc.

✨ Rewards and Prizes - Provide gift cards from hundreds of brands, or you can use your own custom prizes, set winning odds, manage prize inventory, etc. 

✨ Surveys and Questionnaires - Gather feedback and insights from event attendees.

Captello integrates with Eloqua, Salesforce Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, etc.


The pricing plans aren’t displayed, but according to G2, Captello has 2 pricing editions starting at $500. 

Wrapping It Up

Using lead generation tools for events is essential to maximize the value of your marketing efforts and capitalize on the opportunities that events bring.

Consequently, you can turn event attendees into loyal customers and brand advocates by:

  • strategically choosing and implementing the right tools, 
  • engaging attendees with interactive content, and
  • leveraging data for follow-up and lead nurturing.

However, this brings us to square one - what is the best event lead generation app?

Consider factors such as the type of event, the target audience, and your marketing goals.

Furthermore, look for tools that offer features like badge scanning, lead capture forms, CRM integration, and analytics.

If we were in your shoes, we’d choose Tapni.

Why Should You Give Tapni a Chance?

🔥 It covers every step of networking: from initial contact and collecting info to storing leads in an organized and easily manageable way.

🔥 It allows easy and hassle-free multiple ways of sharing and exchanging info.

🔥 It helps you engage the audience with gamification tools.

🔥 It automatically sends messages and sets follow-ups.

🔥 It automates lead generation by sending attendees’ data directly to your CRM.

🔥 It provides valuable event metrics to measure ROI at events, reward top performers, see the number of visits, etc.

🔥  and much, much more.

Curious about giving Tapni a chance?

Download the Tapni app today and enhance the way you collect leads.


1. How do You Generate Leads without a Website?

Generating leads without a website is possible, but it requires alternative methods and platforms to reach your target audience.

  • Social Media and Email Marketing - Offer valuable content, free resources, or exclusive deals and promote it on social media channels. 
  • Content marketing includes blog posts, articles, videos, or infographics.
  • Host webinars or virtual events
  • Guest Posting and Contributions, etc.

2. What is a Lead Generation Website?

It is a website designed to attract and capture potential leads who have shown interest in your products or services.

The main objective of a lead generation website is to collect contact information or any other relevant data from visitors and to follow up and nurture the leads through the sales process. 

3. How Can I Generate Leads through Social Media?

You can generate leads by:

  • Defining your target audience
  • Optimizing your social media profiles
  • Sharing valuable content
  • Using lead generation tools
  • Hosting webinars and live events
  • Running contests and giveaways, etc.

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