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5 Best Digital Business Card Solutions In 2024 [Comparison Guide]

Exchanging digital business cards is a growing trend among entrepreneurs nowadays.

And, with the growth of digital technology, it's no surprise that digital business cards are gaining traction in the corporate world. 

This is because the most effective digital solutions can revolutionize your network by streamlining the exchange of contact details.

But what are the most effective digital business card options in 2024?

Well, with whichever you go with, you'll enjoy its efficiency benefits –  lower costs compared to conventional options, fast network expansion, and reduced environmental impact

The real issue is figuring out which solution provides the best value for your money and best meets the requirements of your business.

Here are the 5 best digital business card solutions that will help you make connecting with potential prospects and partners as easy as swiping a card.

Let’s start!

Top 5 Digital Business Card Solutions To Consider in 2024

To help you better find the best solution for your business needs, we based our list of these digital business card solutions on the following parameters:

  • Ease of use — A straightforward solution for a quick and easy start.
  • Card design capabilities —Ability to customize or use card templates and add more than contact information (social media handles, business locations, website URLs, and images).
  • Analytics and tracking — Ability to track how people interact with cards, such as views, best-performing cards, views by location and device, demographics of users, and more.
  • Security — How secure the solution is, both for personal and business data.
  • Ease of sharing — Multiple sharing options, including text, email, Google or Apple Wallet passes, NFC technology, and QR codes.
  • Affordability — Are you getting everything you need at a reasonable price for the best value.

Let's go over what you can anticipate from each of our solutions now.

1. Tapni


Tapni is an all-in-one networking solution that focuses on improving professional connections by developing novel products and services.

Since the Tapni cards feature an NFC chip, information can be transferred between devices with a simple tap or by scanning the QR code

Anything from a phone number and email address to a social media profile can be imported with help of its native integrations directly to your CRM and edited via the app

By digitizing face-to-face interactions, the Tapni app can be used as a powerful lead generation tool.

Likewise, its actionable analytics allow you to monitor the actions of your teams, calculate the return on investment of events, and get fresh insights that can influence your future business decisions.

These days, Tapni collaborates with major brands like Audi, Erste Bank, Benetton, Betty Barclay, HP, and more to guarantee that its wares are of the highest quality.

Furthermore, Tapni provides localized support and quick shipping to its thousands of satisfied customers.


Digital business cards from Tapni start at 24.90€ for a basic design, or 39.90€ for a fully custom design.

Pricing of other, non-card items, range from 19,90€ to 29,90€.


2. Cardiris 5


Cardiris 5 is a business card management solution for businesses of all sizes that streamlines the card image processing, data synchronization, and extraction processes. It’s a bridge solution that helps you turn your paper business cards into digital format.

Its utilization offers the following capabilities:

✔️Extracts and stores useful information from business cards such as name, company, telephone number, etc.

✔️Enables you to scan and save business cards using the flatbed and portable scanners supported by CardirisTM.

✔️Allows you to integrate with CRM by scanning your business cards and turning them into cloud-based digital contacts. What’s more, you can send these contact details to Google Contacts, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Outlook, and more.

✔️Prevents duplicate entries in your address book. It compares all business cards automatically to decide which contacts and information to keep, update, or delete.

✔️Provides data recognition software and image processing to read your cards better. You can preview the improved image after adjusting brightness and contrast and eliminating unwanted elements like stains.

✔️Has a built-in optical character recognition software that deciphers business cards in 218 different languages (Asia and the Middle East are included).


The Cardiris 5 digital business card management solution comes with 2 premium plans.


3. Popl


Popl is another digital business card solution that can help your business to collect more leads, modernize your teams, and maximize your revenue with Popl Teams.

With this digital solutions you can expect the following functionalities:

✔️Popl Teams' templates, subteams, card duplication, and bulk edit features make it simple to manage each team member.

✔️You can create, reassign, or deactivate Popl devices and QR codes in response to employee arrivals and departures.

✔️Popl and Azure Active Directory have partnered to enable instant member syncs from your corporate directory on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

✔️Build new digital cards from scratch, send email invitations, and import member data via CSV files.

✔️It is possible to set up SAML 2.0 with Okta or Azure at any time for secure member authentication and authorization

✔️Offers flexible integrations for tying together HR platforms, marketing flows, and CRMs.

✔️Using Auto SyncTM, you can eliminate data entry for your entire team and instantly send new leads to any CRM.

✔️With its built-in integrations and the Zapier app, you can use more than 5000+ integrations.


Popl digital business card solutions come with 4 pricing plans:


4. Doorway


Doorway is a digital business card solution that allows customers to create digital cards with their own unique branding. It gives you the tools to control how your company's ID cards look, keeps track of employee information, and communicate with your HR system.

If you decide to go with Doorway as your digital business card solution, you can count on the following features:

✔️Easily and quickly exchange contact information with anyone, regardless of whether you have access to a smartphone or the internet. 

✔️Create your own digital business cards and use them in the workplace with Apple Wallet® and Google PayTM.

✔️Choose between Hardcoded and Connected Cards and modify their designs however you like.

✔️Allows you to manage cardholders in bulk, assign multiple users administrative privileges, and add, delete, and modify individual users remotely.

✔️It has specifically designed systems for organizations with separate divisions.

✔️Doorway Connected Cards allow you to scan for analytics, share photos, and retrieve contact information.

✔️Access all of Doorway's information — security documentation, integrate HR management software, log in with SSO, create a custom branded domain, and more.

✔️Protect your sensitive data with its compliance auditor, EY.


Doorway digital business card solution comes with 4 premium plans.


5. Blinq


Blinq, our final top pick, is a digital business card solution that can help you keep track of professional contacts and make a stellar first impression.

Blinq offers the following first-rate means of digitizing your network infrastructure:

✔️You can share your Blinq profile with anyone using a QR code, NFC-based card, short link, email signature, or even as the background of a video call.

✔️Blinq enables you to quickly create multiple profiles to control who gets access to what information and how.

✔️From a single dashboard, Blinq Business makes it simple to manage and update your company's professional identity.

✔️You decide what information can and cannot be shared on each business card.

✔️Using the Blinq Business card, your team can share their professional identities in a way that works for them.

✔️Consolidate your professional connections in one location and effortlessly integrate new contacts into your CRM systems to nurture warm leads.

✔️You can integrate your Blinq Business with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and other IAM systems. Also, you can use it to create a digital business card for new employees.

✔️Blinq also integrates with Hubspot, Salesforce, and other CRMs. What's more, its Zapier integration lets you automate 5,000+ apps and tools.


Blinq digital business card solution comes with free and 3 premium plans.


Which Digital Business Card Solution to Choose?

We hope our list of the top 5 digital business card solutions will help you make informed decisions on boosting your company's expansion and improving marketing efforts.

However, each option serves a specific purpose, so you'll need to know what you need before settling on one.

For instance, Cardiris 5 is an advanced option for those looking to migrate from paper business cards and transfer them into digital formats.

Conversely, Popl is the right fit if you're looking for more integrational solutions that will help you efficiently manage your inside connections and streamline your team members.

But, if you are looking for high-end services that give you more leeway in terms of customization, insights into interaction and automated workflows, Tapni is solution for you.

How to Start With Tapni?

You can create your digital business card and order it by following these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: On our website, you can look at the digital business products we offer and choose the one that best fits you.

Step 2: To make changes on your card, choose one of the custom cards, click "Design Your Card" and fill out the information(your name, logo, colors, etc.)

Step 3: Add the item into your shopping cart. After you make a purchase you can expect your digital business card at your address in 1–7 days.

Or, you can download the Tapni app to set up your profile and start the customization journey.

How to Setup Your Profile In The Tapni App?

Step 1: Once you sign up, the Tapni app will prompt a window where you can specify your information.

For instance, you can add your photo and a description about you or your brand.


Step 2: Then you can put the links on your profile page. This option lets you connect your Tapni profile to any social media you want.


Step 3: Once you have your basic information filled in, you can customize your Tapni cards directly from the app by exploring any of available collections.


And finally, now that you're all set, you can share your Tapni profile with the world by simply choosing the QR icon at the top right corner of your main page.


How to Start Using Your Tapni Card?

You can import contact information from your prospects and partners in 3 ways:

  • Tap the card on the smartphone,
  • Scan the QR code on the card, or
  • Import information by scanning the QR code within the application.


What's great is that your potential connections don't need to have a Tapni card to be added to your networking list.

Interested in skyrocketing your network with Tapni?

Download our app to create your first unique and brand-oriented digital business card that will help you promote your business while collecting connections for you.

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