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Popl vs. Linq - Which is Better?

The way we exchange contact information and stay in touch with one another has evolved dramatically.

Thus, the age-old tradition of handing out business cards or scribbling contact details has given way to a more modern, efficient, and eco-friendly approach - digital business cards.

Popl and Linq, two innovative solutions, have stepped in to enhance how we connect, but the question remains - which one suits your needs better?

Join us as we dive into the Popl vs. Linq duel to see how these two apps stack up against each other!

Popl: Overview


Popl is a digital business card provider that helps you create customized cards and a vast range of digital products.

Thus, with Popl, you can design:

  • Digital business cards,
  • Digital wearables like keychains, wristbands, badges, and keyports,
  • Digital accessories for networking events, such as badges, stickers, and displays,
  • Bundles (2-pack, 3-pack, and 25-pack).

Furthermore, Popl is compatible with iOS and Android and integrates with Zapier, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Entra ID, etc.

Besides providing options to create and customize your digital products, Popl also hosts versatile features useful for networking events, teams, and businesses.

Popl: Key Features

1. Digital Business Cards

Popl offers 4 main card types: a Popl Card, a Popl Lux Card, a Metal Card, and a Custom Card.

When it comes to Popl cards, you can only choose between the black and the white variants.


The Popl Metal Card is available only in black color, and it is made from carbon steel. In addition, it has a Popl Chip and a laser-printed QR code.

The Popl Lux Card is made from PVC, but it has a reflective finish and comes in 3 luxury colors: prism, silver, and gold. 

Each card has built-in Popl technology and a dynamic QR code.


The Custom Card has only black and white color, so customization options refer to the upload of the logo or other visuals, different text colors, and layout.


In addition, you can also design the back and the front of the card and choose whether to include Popl’s logo or not.

Each card has built-in Popl tap technology and a dynamic QR code on the backside. 

Additional Customization Possibilities

Although Popl digital business cards aren’t super customizable when it comes to color choice, it all changes when you create your digital profile.

Besides a wide selection of colors, you can include a variety of info in your digital profile:


It is also the place where you have your digital address book and analytics to show your card performance.


Overall, the Popl app provides versatile customization features to polish your digital profile, but the app often crashes or freezes, which is a pity.

2. Features for Teams and Businesses

One of the reasons for Popl’s popularity is that it also caters to teams and businesses to streamline the onboarding processes, assist in lead capture, measure ROI, etc.

Some notable features are:

Lead Capture - Capture and manage leads from your profile and further group them.

Team Management - Manage unlimited members, create multiple admins, subteams and roles, and assign specific permissions.

Instant Onboarding - Automatically syncs members from your company directory or imports member data via CSV files.

Follow-up email - Automatically send a message to your new contact after you connect.

Business Card Scanner - Scan paper business cards and convert them into a digital form.

Analytics - Measure ROI at events, check your card performance, etc.

3. Sharing Options

With Popl, you can exchange your info in many ways, via QR codes, iPhone widgets, NameDrop, links, etc.


Popl: Pricing

Popl has 1 Free and 3 Premium Plans, each with a 14-day Free Trial.


Popl: Pros & Cons

Popl: Pros

🟩 Multiple integrations.

🟩 A great number of sharing options.

🟩 A great number of digital products.

Blinq: Cons

🟥 The color choice is rather limited regarding digital business cards.

🟥 The app is often unstable and crashes.

🟥 Some integrations don’t work seamlessly.

Overall, Popl can be a good choice if you are more into other features than the actual look of a digital business card.

Linq: Overview


Linq is a digital solution you can use to create digital business cards and various digital accessories:

  • Custom products,
  • Digital business cards and paper business cards,
  • Wearables, such as bracelets, bands and stretches,
  • Event accessories such as badges and Linq Hubs, 
  • Bundles (Color Bundles, Networking Bundle, Event Bundle and Event Team Bundle.

Nonetheless, like many of its competitors, Linq also goes beyond digital business card creation and offers versatile team, business, and networking features.

Regarding integrations, Linq integrates with HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier, Zoho, etc.

Besides multiple integrations, Linq also works both on iOS and Android systems. 

Linq: Key Features

1. Digital Business Cards

Linq gives you 3 main options when it comes to digital business card design: a Linq Card, a Custom Metal Linq Card, and a Linq Fully Custom Card. 

The Linq Card comes in 10 color variants with a matte finish and has the Linq’s logo displayed on the front.


The Custom Metal Linq Card has a matte black finish and has your design laser-engraved. 

However, you can only upload a single-color logo with a transparent background.

As the name suggests, the Linq Fully Custom Card allows you to incorporate your own design as SVG, PNG, JPG, or PDF files with a DPI of 300.

In addition, you can choose the card dimensions and select one of the 8 colors. 


Additional Customization Possibilities

Linq has more customizing options than Popl regarding digital business cards - the main difference is in the greater choice of colors.

But is the same true when creating a digital profile? Let’s find out!


Remember how Popl has more color options when you create a digital profile? With Linq, a situation is completely reversed - there aren’t any color options.

But on a positive note, you can add different types of content:

  • Links,
  • Up to 20 social icons,
  • Video embed,
  • Photo files to create a grid of photos,
  • Calendly button,
  • Files, etc.

Your digital profile also hosts a contact list, where you can filter your contacts, tag and label them, put them in an ascending or descending order, and share or export them. 

In addition, you also have analytics tools showing you who has viewed your card.

More advanced settings, such as reminders or message snippets, are only available in Premium Plans.

On the whole, I prefer Popl’s app regarding profile customization since it offers more features useful for teams and businesses in the Free Plan, and it is more intuitive.

2. Features for Teams and Businesses

Linq doesn’t shy away from teams and businesses’ features, so it offers practical features, such as:

Branding options - Cards, pages, and product customization tailored to your brand.

Lead collection tools - Various lead collection, management, and follow-up tools.

Analytics - Insights into shares, clicks, scheduled meetings, contacts made, etc. ✨ Onboarding features - Access an admin dashboard to add team members and their info in bulk.

3. Sharing Options

Linq provides multiple sharing options via links, email signatures, text messages, tapping or scanning, etc.

Linq: Pricing

Linq has 1 Free and 1 Premium Plan, and a Linq for Teams Plan.


Linq: Pros & Cons

Linq: Pros

🟩 A great number of digital products.

🟩 Multiple sharing options.

🟩 Solid features for teams and businesses.

Linq: Cons

🟥 Not as intuitive as other platforms.

🟥 Only very basic features in the Free Plan.

🟥 No color customization when creating a digital profile.

Popl vs. Linq: Highlights

Before we reach the final verdict, let’s have one last glimpse at “our” two tools and their highlights.





Yes, but more limited compared to competitors.

Yes, but more limited compared to competitors.

Features for Teams and Businesses

Yes, more than Linq


Sharing possibilities




More expensive than Linq for individual plans

Less expensive than Popl for individual plans


SOC 2 Type II Compliance

SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Popl vs. Linq: The Winner Takes It All

Popl and Linq are without a doubt two very popular digital solutions, and popular for a reason.

Both offer features that extend digital business card creation, and I am positive they will continue to evolve and improve.

For me, Popl is more intuitive and offers more features for teams and businesses.

Still, I would go for another solution - Tapni.

Why Should You Choose Tapni?

Tapni is a cutting-edge digital solution that redefines networking and professional relationships by offering robust features and customization options

Tapni provides the biggest selection and choice of colors for digital business card creation.


Thus, you can design both sides of the card, change the color of the QR code, add images and text, change the background, etc.

It allows you to create a highly customizable digital profile.

Tapni provides multiple sharing options via links, email signatures, taps or scans, etc.

It integrates with Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc.

In addition, Tapni is packed with feature-rich options for teams and businesses:

🔥 Automated Lead Generation - Collect and send the info from your contacts directly to your CRM.

🔥 Lead Nurturing - Connect your digital profile to your CRM to follow up on your new contacts.

🔥 Automated onboarding - Allow employees to easily share their contact information with their new colleagues and managers by connecting your Microsoft Azure, Google, or Slack Employee Directory, etc. 

🔥 Various link types - Use link-in-bio and custom and direct links to direct your audience to your page or profile you wish them to see.


🔥 Analytics tools - Get insight into top performers, ROI at events, etc. to make informed decisions.

🔥 AI-Powered Business Card Scanner - Instantly convert paper business cards into digital connections.

🔥 And the list goes on.

Enticed to find out more?

Download the Tapni app today and upgrade your digital networking game!

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