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10 Best Lead-Generation Tools To Use in 2024

A fundamental aspect of any thriving business is a steady stream of potential customers or clients, and that's where lead generation comes into play. 

lead-generation tools have revolutionized how you acquire, nurture, and convert leads, from attracting potential customers to closing the deal.

But with an overwhelming number of options out there, the potential lack of compatibility with your CRM, and scalability issues, how to know which is the best lead-generation tool?

Read on to discover the 10 best lead-generation tools to drive the growth of your business.

Let’s dive in!

What are Lead-Generation tools?

Lead-generation tools are solutions designed to help businesses attract potential customers or leads.

They use advanced techniques like web scraping, analytics tracking, email marketing automation, etc., to gather essential information about prospects and nurture them throughout the buyer's journey.


Ultimately, the main aim of lead-generation tools is to try to turn leads into customers.

8 Main Reasons to Start Using lead-generation tools?

lead-generation tools come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common - they save tons of time.

From automating mundane and repetitive tasks to providing valuable analytics otherwise hard to get, lead-generation tools provide multifold benefits:

💡  Increased Efficiency - Automating repetitive tasks, such as lead capture, tracking, and nurturing, so your sales and marketing teams can focus on more strategic activities.

💡 Targeted Lead Generation - Utilizing advanced algorithms and data analytics to identify and target specific audience segments most likely to convert into customers.

💡 Enhanced Lead Nurturing - Built-in lead nurturing capabilities include automated email campaigns and personalized content delivery.


💡 Data-Driven Decision Making - Providing valuable insights and analytics on lead performance, conversion rates, and marketing campaign effectiveness.

💡 Integration with CRM Systems - Ensuring a smooth handover of leads from marketing to sales teams and boosting collaboration between departments.

💡 Cost-Effectiveness - Offering a more cost-effective approach to acquiring new customers by precisely targeting your ideal audience.

💡  Real-Time Lead Alerts - Providing real-time notifications when a potential lead takes a specific action, such as submitting a contact form or clicking on a CTA. 

💡 Scalability -  Allowing you to adjust your efforts based on your business's growth and changing needs.


Overall, embracing lead-generation tools empowers businesses to elevate their marketing and sales efforts, drive growth and foster lasting customer relationships.

And now, let’s check our top pick of the 10 best lead-generation tools.

10 Best lead-generation tools To Try

1. Tapni


Tapni is a digital solution that provides robust features for businesses and teams to connect, capture and nurture leads.

On top of that, Tapni can also equip you with fully-customizable digital business cards and accessories.

Furthermore, Tapni comes with a set of analytics tools to give you valuable insight and data into performance, ROI, etc.

In addition, Tapni has team management features to manage and keep your team on the same page.

Key Features

Direct links - Guide your audience to the social media channel of your choice.

List segmentation - Regroup your contacts based on their interest or other parameters. In addition, add tags or markers to filter them further.

CRM automation - Send your contacts directly to your CRM.


Follow-up reminder - Schedule a follow-up reminder to reach out to your new contacts.

Automated messages - Send messages automatically when a person visits your profile.

Customizable links - Include video links, social media links, website links, etc., catering to your target audience.

Custom links - Send your visitors or followers to a profile you wish them to see. 

Multiple sharing options - links, QR codes, etc., enable easy and quick information exchange.

Tapni integrates with Microsoft Azure, Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.


Tapni products range from $19.90 to $59.90.


2. HubSpot


HubSpot is a platform that holds marketing, sales CRM, customer service, CMS, and operations software under its roof.

Being such a versatile platform, it caters to various stages of the lead generation process.

In addition, it provides a rich gallery of Resources categorized according to different topics and content types. 

On top of that, there is an active Community where you can share your knowledge or learn from others.

HubSpot is a multifaceted CRM platform and a good pick for bigger businesses that need to streamline their processes efficiently.

Key Features

Lead Capture Software - Uses various forms to capture and sync leads automatically with your CRM.

Live Chats - Help site visitors with targeted welcome messages and chat automation. 

Email Templates - Offers customized templates to match your brand and needs.

Sales Automation Tools - Queue up automated sales emails and follow-up tasks for each prospect.

App Marketplace - Provides a vast range of integrations to connect your favorite apps.


HubSpot has a Free Plan with limited features and Premium Plans based on your product type.


3. Datanyze


Datanyze offers a Google Chrome extension to get different types of contact information, such as email, direct dial, and mobile numbers.

Furthermore, Datanyze has a huge database of companies for various industries:

  • Software and IT
  • Finance
  • Business Services
  • Customer Services, etc.

In addition, Datanyze’s Market Share pages provide insight into industry trends, rising technologies, and key competitors.

Thus, Datanyze is particularly useful if your focus is on monitoring your audience’s online behavior to discover what other software tools they are using.

Key Features

B2B Contact Data -  You can access contact and company data directly from the places your prospects visit in real-time.

Icebreakers - Curated from personal social media feeds, local news publications, etc., to help with cold calls and email outreach.

Contact Lists Management - Tag contacts and companies to automatically create segmented lists for export.

Datanyze integrates with HubSpot, Marketo Engage, Uberflip, etc.

It is worth mentioning that Datanyze is CCPA and GDPR-compliant, meaning they are collecting business data ethically.



Datanyze doesn’t have Free Plans, but 2 Premium Plans and a 90-day Free Trial.

4. is similar to Datanyze in terms of providing extra information on your prospects. 

And, just like Datanyze, it has a Chrome extension.

However, focuses on providing additional details like their connections and other social profiles. 

Thus, it is a great tool for generating social media leads and useful for job hunters, sales, recruiting, entrepreneurs, etc.

Key Features

Generating social media leads - Provides contact info, mutual connections and friends, and tweets, from platforms such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

social-media-lead is a simple yet effective tool that works best if combined with lead-generation tools from different categories.


The app is free.

5. OptinMonster


OptinMonster enables you to capture, share and manage marketing leads with its conversion optimization toolkit. 

So how does it work? 

You can create visuals with pre-built templates and then target and personalize your visuals with the behavior automation tool.

In addition, you’ll also get statistics to help you test and adjust your visuals.

OptinMonster can be useful for eCommerce or online businesses where visuals play a crucial part.

Key Features

Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder - Convert any link or image into an opt-in form.

Campaign Types - Choose from a variety of campaign types, such as Lightbox Popup, Fullscreen Welcome Mat, Slide-in Scroll Box, Floating Bar, etc.

Campaign Triggers - Detect your visitors' behavior and use smart triggers to always display the right campaign.

✨Targeted Campaigns - Use precision targeting such as geo-location, device-based targeting, OnSite Retargeting®, etc.

✨ Segmentation Lists - Group subscribers based on their interests or other metrics.

OptinMonster integrates with SalesForce, Feedblitz, Contact, Mailchimp, etc. 


OptinMonster has 4 Premium Plans and no Free Plans.


6. ReferralCandy


ReferralCandy is an eCommerce plugin that uses the power of referrals and affiliate marketing to drive leads.

It offers automated post-purchase emails with customized invitations to join your referral program. 

Moreover, there are also post-purchase pop-ups, landing pages, and referral widgets. In addition, you can customize all the rewards and choose between different types of gifts depending on what works best for your brand.

Key Features

Automation tools - Automate the whole referral program, track successful referrals, have customers promote on your behalf, etc.

Analytics - Track new sales, top referrers, check the performance of your referral program, etc.

Promotion - Promote your referral program across marketing channels.

Customized templates - Improve your website’s layout to drive more traffic. 

ReferralCandy integrates with Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Recharge, etc.


ReferralCandy offers 3 Premium Plans with a 14-day Free Trial.


7. Unbounce


Unbounce is an AI-powered landing page builder helping you create custom landing pages.

Besides building landing pages, you can also generate copy for the website and optimize your traffic

Furthermore, you can connect ecommerce tools to showcase your products and accept payments right on your page.

Therefore, Unbounce is a handy tool for eCommerce, SaaS, Small Businesses, B2B Marketing, etc.

Key Features

Landing Pages - Choose between Classic and Smart Builder to build customizable landing pages with data-backed recommendations.

Popup and Sticky Bars - Choose exactly who sees your popups, trigger when they appear and dynamically swap in keywords based on visitors’ search terms.

Automatic Traffic Optimization - Automatically detects which landing page is best for every one of your visitors.

Customizable Templates - Ready-to-use templates for landing pages, popups, and sticky bars.

AI Copywriting Tool - Generates content for marketing campaigns.

Unbounce integrates with Calendly, Shopify, Stripe, Typeform, Zapier, SalesForce, etc.


Unbounce offers 1 Free and 2 Premium Plans.


8. Intercom


Intercom is an AI customer service solution using behavioral targeting and user intelligence to help you understand and improve customer communication.

Thus, Intercom monitors your customs’ on-site or in-app behavior and creates message triggers to help with onboarding, support, or retention.

Furthermore, it automatically classifies visitors into categories based on the set criteria.

On top of that, Intercom has an integrated help desk and knowledge base to support current customers.

Due to its versatility, Intercom combines marketing, sales, and support features under one roof.

Key Features

Live chat -  Provides bots, apps, and in-app messages to engage with on-site visitors and collect their info.

Custom Bots - Ask the questions to prioritize and route new conversations automatically.

Customer Data Tool - Provides key insights into customer behavior and target customers by the actions they (don’t) take.

Automate Conversations - Instantly resolves the majority of your customers’ questions, thus reducing your customer support volume.

Interactive Product Tours - Creates interactive guides to onboard new customers and spotlight new features.

Intercom provides APIs so you can integrate Intercom with your own product. Furthermore, Intercom integrates with Stripe, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. 


Intercom has 3 Premium Plans with a 14-day free trial.


9. ConstantContact


ConstantContact provides tools for email and digital marketing, as well as for lead generation and CRM.

You can use customizable email templates and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to create emails. 

Another handy feature is the AI tool that helps you create subject lines and content based on a few keywords.

In addition, there are also automation features so you can put your messaging on autopilot. 

Moreover, you can choose from a library of plug-and-play templates, too.

And although ConstantContact main focus might be on email and digital marketing, it has lots to offer regarding lead generation.

Key Features

Social Media Marketing - Connects your social media accounts to a single dashboard and post, respond to messages, create ads, etc.

CRM  - Connect your existing CRM to the suite of marketing and sales automation tools

Automation - Provides customizable fields to build lists and filters for targeting and scores leads based on engagement across your site or other content.

Drag and drop pipeline management - View and manage all your deals across their stages in real-time.

SMS marketing - You can add SMS to your email and social marketing to stay connected with customers.

Analytics tools - Track your emails and show valuable insights.

ConstantContact integrates with Eventbrite, Saleforce, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, Canva, etc.


ConstantContact offers 3 Premium Plans.


10. LeadFeeder


LeadFeeder identifies companies visiting your site and tracks their behavior. 

This way, you know who is interested in your product and services, so you know who to target.

Besides website visitor tracking, LeadFeeder also offers account-based marketing, sales prospecting, and lead generation solutions.

As such, LeadFeeder caters to marketers, agencies, and sales.

Moreover, Leadfeeder's IP Enrich API transforms IP addresses into real-time firmographic data.

Key Features

LeadFeeder Tracker -  Identifies companies that have visited your website and sends qualified leads directly to your CRM and email.

Leads Qualification - Create feeds based on industry, employee number, web activity, custom properties, etc.

Lead Scoring - Score leads automatically based on their web activity

Lead Notifications - Follow specific industries or companies and get timely notifications when new leads come in.

LeadFeeder integrates with Zapier, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Intercom, GoogleAds, Drift, etc.


LeadFeeder has 1 Free and 1 Premium Plan.


Now that we’ve come to the end of our list of the 10 best lead-generation tools, let’s do a quick recap.

Wrapping It Up

As you’ve seen, our list consists of lead-generation tools that cover different stages and phases of the lead-generation process.

Therefore, the final pick depends on your current needs and the budget.

Why Choose Tapni?

We’d suggest going for Tapni because it provides features for every step of the lead generation process - from networking to closing deals.

Thus, with Tapni, you can:

💣 Create fully-customizable digital business cards,

💣 Elevate networking events and engage the audience with gamification elements,

💣 Automatically send messages to new contacts when they visit your profile,

💣 Schedule follow-ups to keep the conversation going,

💣 Do list segmentation and regroup your contacts,

💣 and so much more.

Enticed to take Tapni for a spin?

Download the Tapni app today and turn new contacts into qualified leads.


1. What are The 3 Ways to Generate Leads?

The 3 most common ways to generate leads are via content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. 

Most cutting-edge lead-generation tools have features that cover all 3 areas to a lesser or bigger extent.

2. How Do You Collect Data for Lead Generation? 

You can collect data for lead generation in some of the following ways:

  • Lead-generation tools and software
  • Contact forms
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Content upgrades and opt-ins
  • Social media listening
  • Web analytics
  • Purchase and Behavior Data, etc.

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